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Transom Stamps and The Rear!

The rear entrance is always special!  Ain't it???  Why?
 When you go to a shoe store and they don't have your size they say,

"I'll check in the back."

Why are they goods in the rear?  With the gear.  Why when a shop owner tells you,

" I keep the good items in a little shop around the corner.  This is the bad stuff I mark up, but for you the special stuff is tailored to you, in the back?" 

"There you see, right there.  No, right-- there."

The five LIES about the WHYS?

Why do "women" wear tramp stamps?
Why are these things related to boats?
Why are vessels called she-s?
Why are Gable house front doors all have transoms? 
Why do churches have a dark circle window above the main entrance to the holy of hollies?

Why?  Why?  Never wondered why Wonder Woman is dressed like a hunter?  Why the lioness and the bow are connected.  The architecture world all uses life to imitate.  They create nothing-- really just imitating real life things.  Why are all these churches dotting our maps, exist?  Isn't one is enough?  No, of  course not.  We all have one wife but there are lots of women. 

The church is a female body.

What?  What you say?  Yes, I did not say it but Christ.  The church is a Mary with a head of a man?  Huh?  A transsexual metaphor.  The male inside the female.  Are what churches representing? 

Sex--and not love but Sex and Sex alone.
A Monastery will tell you this.  Also a Seminary will tell you this.  What?  Are these sexual terms or naval ones?
Naval, yes-- they are all naval terms.  Of men from land creating a 'she ship' to go on the sea.

"Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink." 

If you drink you'll go mad.  Salt water not so good or is it?

She, is not the Captain.  A man usually is.  A captain and his seamen.  In a boat or opening.  The arcs of a ship are pried open with what is called thwarts.  To hold the good ship open and make it sea worthy.  Yes, You have to thwart a woman to make her go!  Yeah, a cultural context is needed to communicate ideas.  It's not nasty but just plain necessary. 

A dark window above a larger opening.  Yes, I wrote it twice and twice as nice.  It's -- The female body in a prone position or doggy style.  Yes, people in those churches have a Gable roof and are into Dogmas?  Yeah, that is right-- your head is swimming in sexual metaphors.  You have to be on all fours to pray to God.  Get on your knees and pray.

All these ideas come from a ship.  And their mates.  They scrub the deck and worship the church if not-- they are thrown over board!  Or better yet-- locked in the brig of the ship.  Taught a lesson-- below.

(Plz, don't be cross there is only the truth here and there and everywhere you look now!  Maybe we get now why Gays cannot get together there?  The male inside the female!)

You see this-- in the bellies of churches are rooms for teaching.  The 'bible prisons' usually for the youth. 

"Separate yourself one to another and learn." 

Is what they do in churches and aboard ships.  The shipyard jargon is all what we are saying.  Trying desperately to talk spiritual but using a nasty sea metaphor.  Why?  Why do we do this?  Business does not conduct themselves this way or do they? Wanna ship something to your door?

The dark circle above your garage door is called a transom.  That's a ship term for the stern.  Rear of the ship.  Don't believe me look at the great Spanish galleons and see it's transoms and tramp stamps.  That's where "women" put their tattoos-- on their backsides-- above their butts.  Why?  They are a ship and looking for an  owner-- a Captain to take them away to a beautiful vacation.

But they end up as sluts?  Why?  The Spanish galleons tell you why?  They are full of fool's gold.  Horizontal windows with a design going right to left or meeting in the middle.  The dark circle window that has a design like an orange cut open.  It's not a  fruit but the way to paradise.  Like a grand pizza sliced up, ready and waiting.  A Papa John's with extra cheese!  The rear entrance is on special for $9.99 and always in the back.

Atrocity IN  and all a-broad!


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