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The Truth of Ruth and Ester's Star!

The Bitter Truth is where the Sugar lies?

Lies are sweet to the ear, but truth is like strong wine.  It sounds like a proverb it probably is -- a minister told me once if you think Proverbs is just a collection of Captain Obvious sayings, "Try making one up."

In a short and concise way.  Like twitter now.  We see them failing everyday to make twitter.  Just a series of remarks taken out of context.  Usually inflammatory.  Since that's what most can make up in a short sentence.  But Proverbs is not inflammatory.  No one I have known has used it to start a Revolution.  There are no words of hate or disgust just pithiness.  Nice words of silver and gold.  Of sweet and bitter.  The characteristics of the truth or Ruth itself.  The Book of Ruth is one such truth.  Since the name is coincidental.  Not by accident.  I find females have a lock on the truth-- no man can discover.  Without paying a price. 

Yes, I have said a truth.  You must pay for the truth.  It does not come free.  There was a magazine called The Plain Truth.  It was very free.  It was free to speak and say just about anything.  Except for the real truth.  If it had advertisers it's feet would be  held to their truths.  So the congregations who financed it, or so they thought, were all to easy to endorse. 

The organizations who openly talk about tithing are the poorest ones, I find.  Too cheap.  The ones who just say give.  All rich with offerings???  How come? 

TBN, has no end to money.   The PBS who has to have a pledge drive to  stay on the air, supposedly.  But every election we find out who really funds PBS, the government.  How about C-Span,  another government channel.  People are tired of lying liberal News organizations.  So they turn to a FOX.

But there are not many DVR recordings of C-span?  Maybe a few on You Tube.  The truth is displayed on C-span.  But no one is running too fast to watch.  NASA, has a channel and it is the most boring depiction of "Astronauts" turning wrenches you can see for free.

The "Astronauts" landed on the moon.  But the free-- You Tube tells you, Nay.  It didn't happen.  We believe "the successful" gives us jobs.  But no, most employers are broke.  Small business is the real fuel of America.  And most small business goes 'up in smoke' or 'flies by night' in five years.
  (Chapter Offerings and Zayin(s) triple 7s)

BBB,  The Better Business Burea tells you that making a business is tougher than getting a college degree.  But not so, says the FREE PRESS they are way to busy telling us all,  College debt is killing are young people.  Really?  Killing?  That is weird.  When I was a "young" person,  I would have welcomed a loan to go; cus USC or sum SMU.  To change my world  180 degrees.  A degree can do that to you.

Instead I had to go to a religious college for less, almost free by today's standards of inflation.  I am not upset at this-- just curious. 

Would I care about the truth if it were given freely to me.  If I had not earned it.  Or sought after it.  Or dug for it. 

In order to become a master you must be willing to do what other are not willing.  This is the calling card of freedom from Ester and Ruth.  Yes, read the book of Ruth and Ester and you'll find a strange story not about might and muscles but about deceit and sexiness. 

Don't let your young people read about these two great woman characters, they just might get educated on what really runs our world, sex and the money it creates.  It's not bad.  It's just the truth. 

Birds and bees do it; even the seeds and trees do it.  But you- no you don't do it, because it's a sin.  A sign post of your times.  A Sine wave of truth.  Sex and females really run the planet not the reptilians.  Unless they have big fake breasts and like having sex on camera-- then Yes.  The Big sexy reptilians.

The mighty cults are falling.  And a lot of people are seeking that 'ole time religion' again.  Just give me some of that old time religion and I'll be all right.
Stop drinkin', cussin' and smokin', and I'll be all right.
Stop 'Sexting' and showing your privates and I'll be all right, again. 

Stop being rude and crude and I'll will be all right, again.  Let's all be polite again and we will heal as a country.  Be polite?  Again?

When was the Us-A polite? 
At the slaughter of the Indians? 
At the slaughter of the south and the north? 
At the slaughter of the cowboys, I mean outlaws? 
At the slaughter of the free slaves, Chinese and African.

By the way, why those two races.  If you do some digging you'll find out.  It has to do with the mosquitoes and malaria.  Yeah, weird huh?

Oh yeah, I remember when we were polite.  When a 'cave man' said to another 'cave man,'

"Hey Cain!  Why are all these perfect stones laying around here are you making something?" 
"I'll show- ya Able, hand me that rough hewn rock?  He smashed the rock over his head-- politely and absolutely.  What did Cain get for his troubles?  A MARK and Abel a bashed in skull of righteous blood.

 That's a man's idea of a story.  It always ends in polite violence but what about a woman's saga?

One saga in two separate stories about two beautiful females named Ruth and Ester. The truth about Ruth is she saved a man not by laying with a husband. The saga of Ester is about a Queen not laying, until it was time, with a gambling King but by telling sweet read nothings in his ears.  If you men, want to go to bed with two gorgeous women, then take Ruth and Ester.  They love threesomes.  Orgies of truth and strength.  Boaz and Joachim.  They, females, are good at telling stories -- except, when it comes to your spouse-- I suppose? 

Our spouses not so good at reading Ruth and seeing Ester.  No sweet nothings in MY ear, just the relentless whining.  The truth is -- we are falling apart.  Not because of hate but because we care too damn much.  The story of Ruth is a story of Truth.  The saga of Ester is the restoring of a Star.
  (Chapter Tasty Hexagram and Sexagrams!)

Sex runs the world.  So make biscuits around the equinox and solstices and I'll keep eating them.  Because celebrating the near genocide of a people is what we do best.  Eat up and drink up for the days are similar to that day of Noah.  When the weather starts acting up, --again.  Let's call it-- climate change.  I'll call it global warningGW and it's far from free. 

The air is not free and neither is the rain.  So let's go back to that old time religion.  When we celebrated the Rain and the Wind for not killing us all.  Be humble and see the twinkle of Ester and feel the wrath of Ruth.  And learn what a woman's saga is for a change of pace.

Now, next time America, when you go to bed-- with those pseudo-sugar udders of Wall Street named Jezebel's chest of gold and silver.  And see those tall rejected twin sisters named Ruth and Ester standing, staring and gleaming.
  As you nourish yourself on Jezebel's 'dynamic fake duo.'  She Jez, is laughing at your two wives-- all 110 stories of them endlessly talking about truth and justice every Seventh Month.  It's the same tune you heard all before, over and over.  But the real story teller is Jezebel, spraying sweet red nothings everywhere-- except on your home mortgage.

Begin to listen with your ears-- cause Jezebel, hush whispers the truth as she dares to conceive.

You begin to make love to sweet old Jezebel but you start to hear an annoying sound just outside your bedroom window.

"What IS that constant hammering outside?" You ask the sugar toothed girl.
"It's nothing dear, it's just the News." She whispers.  "Go back to my two nasty pagan truths-- they are so fluffy, aren't they?" She disarms you before you wonder why you are so special to her.

"Which news?" your retort. Trying not so hard to wake up from her gaze. As you lift your adulterous head revealing a glorious milk mustache.
"It's nothing dear, it's just N.O.A.A. the sons of EL-ectrity and their 'global' scientific predictions. It's nothing to worry about, you afraid of a little water?" 

"NOW --Suck, my dear.  Suck." She smiles with her big red lips and arches her head way way back, all the while laughing on the-- inside.


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