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R-B-Us... ESCAPE THE religious WRITE

The dream of most writers is to escape.  Maybe while eating cake?
While dreaming... escape into a story or narrative only, she or he, can write.
Happy endings are for suckers, Charlie and his Chocolate factory and a great massage.

Its not about the readers or the audience.  Writers, write for themselves and like themselves.  This a very selfish business.  If a writer finds an audience good for, her or him, but the writer wasn't looking for one.  They write until someone dies, or wins or better yet, gets both--- wins and dies.

 The narratives writers like are ones where the hero doesn't win or the victim finds no justice.  The audience for the most part does not enjoy these type of narratives.  So no matter what the good must beat the bad or if the 'evil one' wins that is for sure, because a second book will fix that or what the audience calls-- a sequel --is in the offing.

                 This can't be???
        but this is ok...right?

  But writers really hate revisiting an old story even if it was successful.  The ones the public wants is always more of the same but please tell it different.  They want the same feeling they had when reading it for the first time.  So writers never write for the reader.  But always themselves. They would marry and make love to themselves if they could? That's the writer's ego talking.

So now here comes the rub.  The RBUs get into the writers head.
  What is RUB about RBUs you ask?  Well Rainbows, Butterflies, and Unicorns, of course.
   This is what the writers call 'right-ers block.'  Everything must come out in the end, correct. Or Right on. No crazy ambiguous endings. No, no points to any stories. For me it's-- I can only write, escapist meataphor stories.  I can't write anything concrete. When I become a fan fiction writer well thats the end for me. The block is fully on. I cannot LIKE the story, to write about it. If I find a flaw then its on, its on like-- Donkey Kong.

 The flaw or little crucial chink in the armor someone overlooked.
 If I wrote Cinderella today, the woman would bed down her prince charming and bang him all over creation, then never see him-- again.  All before 1:38 am. 
  My Cinderella burns men up. BTW, that's why she is called Cinder-rella its a Viking tale of the world below trees. Right in the stump or trunk of trees is what they call Hell. The Vikings loved the afterlife and wrote about it constantly. A seductive woman will cleave and send you to hell or passion. The word fire was associated with libido. Until the Christians came along and stopped all the 'fun' narratives. Cinderella is a bang on the run story not finding happily ever...whatever?
   Writers love to live a RBUs lifestyle. The fantasy of winning someone or something.

But not write one. That's crap, we say. But luck happen to us?? 4SHO! Sure. Absolutely sure! I need a hero like everyone else. But there are no writer's heroes-- coming to save the 'righters block.' No one is coming. No one was ever coming. Real life for a writer is sitting at a keyboard or pad of paper and waiting....

  No worries, just be happy.  Like the song.  But when writers get RUBBED by life and then that starts the fire that the match has begun the combustion of failure.  The fire slowly is 'kindled' beneath the 'surface.'  Sounds like electronic devices doesn't it.

 Writers don't write for the kindle or surface or a smart phone.  But that's where the audience is now.  On the run. It's better if its a 5k for a cause, then it all make sense?? Right?
  They don't have time to sit down and read.  Just time to sit and browse.  When I was a kid I liked going to the magazine section of the book stores and browse constantly.  No commitment needed here, browse and browse picking up magazines and putting them down.  For free--- I was allowed to read.
  A book  on the other hand, well  you can read it-- IN-- the bookstore now.  As long as you buy a coffee.  You can read for free today everywhere including a book store.  Never have to buy or commit to a book.  No really.  Now why do they buy the books, anyway.  Not sure.  But they do.  Look at the New York times best seller list.  Its not called the New York times best read list.  No way to know if they really read the reading rainbow of good narratives, right?

I will get recommendations to read this book or that...upon reading it and find that person and ask them questions about the content. Mums the word, on that. They seem to drawn a blank. And do not understand my questions. Ah, the rub. The read and forgot. Moved on, probably to something better. 

  No there is a way to know if they read what they buy--- the cinema.

Today, I believe no one wants to be informed but be asked to read something that they feel is a good find. Then they share 'the news' with others.  The writer now must write in a discovery mode with the reader so when the reader reads, she or he, feels like its a discovery.  Not being lectured too.

 We see this in politics now, and in the movies and in food.  Diners, Drive Inns and Dives  is a guilty pleasure of finding or discovering a little passion on the side of the road.  No commitment needed just bang your passion on the run.  And  don't reflect or talk about it.  Just move on to the next thing--- and bang, bang away.

The mobile phone is that rainbow reflection of a society on the run-- in flip flops.  Bang on the run and let 'god' or the fairy god mother unicorn sort out the details. Troll on someone or something and you are the 'King of the world' for just-- 2.3 seconds. Then its the 'bros of browse' --for some more, hunger always hungry never satisfied browse again and again. The addiction is the browse, that the electronic druggers like, not the drug itself. The crazy IS the chase, NOT the catch.

  Heaven forbid you sort out the details of your brain in your mind. Stop, hold that-- reverse it.

 Well that is just, insane.  No time to analyze or critique what you have read.  No butterfly rainbow reflection time because it might cause trouble.  We can't have that.  We must bang and move on to the next book store, mall or blog. While drinking an iced caramel macchiato and eating a slice of yellow pound cake!!!
Yummmm, no commitment needed here.

 If the article gets too preachy well its a cult!  If post gets too real, well its depressing.  If the politician actually teaches you something instead of trying to scare you into believing, she or he, was right well that's government gone amuck!!!  Heaven forbid the government can help?  Or a good book can inform? Not just 50 shade you to nowhere land. But that is what most do today-- bang on the run.  It's fun in the bedroom and fun in our minds.

" Let's not talk about the RBUs too much or they just might run away from us to imagination land where they came from in  the first place. "

Beep, Beep---wake! Hit the snooze on life!
Rainbows, Butterflies and Unicorns, sssshh sleep, just sleep for another five more minutes.  We'll bang, blog and browse  in a minute or two.  Maybe tomorrow, we will learn and reflect but today just rise, rinse and repeat then we shall travel, bang and blog on borrowed time, until it ALL ends.  It ends, at the end of the reading seven colored --Rainbow.
The pot of old not gold at the end of the rainbow show. The final bow at the end of life, called old age.

"I am so sleepy...Yawn, yawn. Oh look mommy, there is a Unicorn. They are real, aren't they?

"Shhh, don't look 'straight at it-- use your superficial vision or you might scare it. It just might run off  chasing after the butterfly under the Rainbow."

 "Sleep-- my dear, sleep. For there will be other RBUs, don't worry, don't worry.
 There will always  be more ti..." The elderly life finally...went gently into that good nite.

--See I told you 'happy endings' are for suckers and Charlie and his Chocolate factory owners not writers not the real ones!!!!. I mean the real Writers.

Except real people and real lives do have happy endings don't they...?

Aww yes, that's the spot, right there, rite----a happy ending.


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