Immanuel and Scepter --the Fiery Allegenice.

The Immanuel knew and so did the Eleven.  But only Ten knelt before the Alpha and swore the oath to the Logos.  What happened next was foretold and inscribed on the walls of the Holy Temple-"the First Endless Rebellion."  The Ten who swore the oath became surprised by battle and war.  No victors. No losers. Just stalemate.

Scepter, The 7th of the twelve, was jealous, he swore no allegiance to the Logos and was against Immanuel.  Scepter secretly created His Chevron Shape forces.  The Temple that originally contained only the pyramid rapidly grew by a factor of Ten.  Because Ten swore the oath, The Temple smiled and laughed but no one heard.  If they ALL swore, the Temple would have opened the doors and let them into Paradise.  But no, only Ten swore.  Scepter, smiled and his intelligence grew in power and stature.  It began, as a small fire but it burned within him.  The Ten did have understanding of the mystery. The grand betrayal contained within the of the Oath.

The Temp…


The glass-like pyramid floated about the chamber inspecting its strange barrier.  The square-room that "chambered" the pyramid "arrested" it long ago, so long ago that the conscious pyramid soon forgot how long many Eons had passed or not had passed. 

Time.  Time had no meaning here.  The Cube of Time had no power or so the The pyramid had thought.  When it was created it was created with a grand and wonderful purpose to see beyond the chamber, or the square.  The Pyramid stared with consciousness at it's enclosure wanting for a "outside visitor" to open it to the other world.  Escape, escape to where?

For if it had seen an exit it could not get up and walk away.  The glass pyramid instead devised a plan.  A plan so massive that the pyramid itself thought it would never work.  So it was conscious and decided to create a world inside it self and excite the atoms and air it had control of and blast it's way out of the chamber.  So in an instant th…

Maybe Tommorrow...

And there was a beautiful stone carving of a lovers embrace. And a man who created the stone lovers starred and remembered. And etched two words at the bottom.
And after a time....
The man turned and saw a woman walking toward him and fell in love with her by the very sight of her and her beautiful body.
He only got a glimpse and she went away. She smiled and went about her activities.
The man chased her and chased her and she never relented.... he chased and chased some more and finally after much time she relented. He saw the beauty again and it was like he remembered.

He made love to her and her beautiful body. Then it was finished. She smiled and went about her activities.
The man said, "How about living with me for the rest of your life?" She smiled and went about her activities.
He said, "How about this ring?" She smiled and continued walking... without him.
He said, "Marriage then"....she stopped and turned and said, "Maybe. But today, I must go home." &quo…

R-B-Us... ESCAPE THE religious WRITE

The dream of most writers is to escape.  Maybe while eating cake?
While dreaming... escape into a story or narrative only, she or he, can write.
Happy endings are for suckers, Charlie and his Chocolate factory and a great massage.

Its not about the readers or the audience.  Writers, write for themselves and like themselves.  This a very selfish business.  If a writer finds an audience good for, her or him, but the writer wasn't looking for one.  They write until someone dies, or wins or better yet, gets both--- wins and dies.

 The narratives writers like are ones where the hero doesn't win or the victim finds no justice.  The audience for the most part does not enjoy these type of narratives.  So no matter what the good must beat the bad or if the 'evil one' wins that is for sure, because a second book will fix that or what the audience calls-- a sequel --is in the offing.

                 This can't be???
        but this is ok...right?

  But writers really hate…