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Steve Jobs Legacy: ART and the Angel.

Apple the King of the Quants!  Or maybe just the womanly King of Marketing.

  I loved to say Marketing is just War King-ing.  People from sales and marketing seem always to be the King.  The King of what?  Money and Promotions.  M & P. The only real scoreboard!  They run companies.  Usually into the ground.  But not this Apple Lady.  She is Warring with herself instead of the competition.  If there is any.  Android has got the numbers, of course but fallen Macintosh label seems to made of Teflon...sort of.

Since Steve Jobs' NeXT and the marriage of the NET with this product we all use for everything--except blogging.  Weird huh?  The Sm-Art Fone.  Is a wonder, a homophone that takes ART to a new level-- a NeXXT level.  One more thing...
Pardon me Galaxy lovers.  Ahh'mm.  But it still took my wife a solid year or so, to convince me to dump my beloved Razor flip phone.  Remember the Razor, I know you do! 

Steve Jobs invented careers from thin air and always in silicon.  His unhappy marriage with upper management and marketing is still being bandied about today. Watch the lost conversation with Steve Jobs on Netflix.  It's a revelation like a warm Apple compote.

Woz could have never dreamed of the employment matrices that have been developed from a humble Californian garage.  This latest Angelic find from the fashion district is no Prada Devil belting fiery orders.  Only a seemingly unassuming breath of fresh air --billowing truthful maturity.

Software is the NEW --sort of. When it works, WOW. Whole new industries pop up. Is Apple just another Titan from the days of Greek heroes? Or the lone victor in the race for --Futura.  The woman of the future.  Futura, is a female noun and it makes perfect sense that a woman should shape and mold this grand futurism.  The -isms have gotten us like a bad case of flu---swine or bird it don't matter.  The transparent new stores says volumes --"she is on the rise and there is no stopping her power."

I am a fanboy.  Tongue out....yes!
Anyone that can just say the truth and still can sell it, has got my full attention. The truth, a power to be reckoned with. Object based software-- GUI(s) selected or not, is definitely set to be the new standard of perfect precision based boredom.  For I am a Android guy, in love.  Yeah, I said it.  Angela is not just a SVP Titan she is a chapter of another mother.

Angela Ahrendts, is not just a woman but a 'person of privilege' in a man's tech-bubble.
 No offense Angela. Shattering glass ceilings is a career imperative. But a literal crack was created in the newly installed glass at the brand new Chicago store.  Just like my three daughter's- Iphones.  Why Apple cannot lick the gorilla glass thing is beyond my engineering heart.  Shatter proof does exist, I think.  So this is the only chink-- in the war of marketing--detected so far.
The battle royale rages on.

I am waiting for a grand fall from power ie: Wall Street related cooking Queen.  But style alone, an unlikely assassin, is not the issue here.  Even if Google and Apple keep stealing each other's Chefs.  Weird.  That's the silly silicon world.  They care about being careful not to offend delicate tastes.

The axioms of algorithms and Agile cannot seem to quench this wonderful fashion doll's rise to power in a male dominated Techno Uber-sphereShii-sh, That's a mouth full.

The shape of her career maybe not the top, C-Level position which she left at Burberry but it certainly needs to be in the realm of discussion.  Like Ancient Rome, Apple is NOW run with a Twin-umphant instead of Triumphant.  In the Roman-- hey days --they, the Generals, all started warring with each other.

And that is the uncommon power of odd numbers.  3 is a holy trinity but in business and well as Rome it can s-p-e-l-l DOOM.  Maybe Doc-Doom.  All this-- about a brand we all know...and some of us love.  Remember I am an Android guy.

Until Angela, the marketing warrior, moves into Starbucks or some other golden palace, peddling her powers of persuasion. She definitely --gives me a shot of Ahrendts Adrenalin. Amen.  Triple A!

Newton. Apple. Gravity. Macintosh. Woz and Steve Jobs are all ready to be apart of Anubis' counter weight and measure.  The only standout in my mind is Angela's gravitas.  It is certainly becoming legendary, A.A. legendary.

Angela Ahrendts...Burberry to Blueberry IOS it all looks and sounds like straight talk. A mom's secret recipe--intuition.  Apple pie--'the sky is the limit' marketing for the masses.  An example of the best.  You won for NOW--War King.


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