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DNA: The attack of the Dan Acids!

The (3-E) three is apart of our world.  A trinity exists in all of us that we accept and don't think of as the holiest of holy trinities.  D-N-A and the Dan Acids!  These acids are not just for life they also help our death.  These acids decay and bubble inside of us if we don't go to a funeral parlor.  We decay faster,  if we just left ourselves alone.  Since the funeral business is big business.  In the Billions!  Yes billions, we need to remember that it's takes a lot of dough not to make us rise. 

Life already found a way to destroy our lovely carcasses.  The DNA forged life compounds in us and death acids to enriched the next generation.  This is not a unholy cabal that does it like in the Matrix movies.  But natural forces.  They are designed to continued where we leave off.  We use the holy trinity of acids to give birth to our young and we use the same process to depose of our elderly. 

The DNA molecules are like little magnetic particles that linkup and form spirals.  This weird and fascinating shape is what we call the serpent of life or caduceus.  The medical profession uses it to form their medical codes and oaths of life.  They are not using old ancient Gods  to pray to but the real and dynamic royal name of DNA, the Dan Acids.

These 'Dan-ites' or Dan Tides are water bound acids who enjoy agua or H20.  Just like the real Danites of the Bible and what historians are calling now, the Phoenicia-Caanite peoples.  Their Mosaic brass snake comes from the Mesopotamia area and is still worshiped even today.

Many Christians are tirelessly trying to get rid themselves of the snake that resides in their holy DNA.  But this will be of no avail, of course.  If you get rid of your DNA -- you die. 

"That's why we have to die, sweetie." 

To get heaven.  And rid the mortal coil of the snake from the Danites.  Yes, the pagans were right and the Christians were right.  Two wrongs can make a write.  Funny ain't it.  We are all fighting and writing for the same thing life, DNA. 

The caduceus.

Don't think so?  Let your only child become sick and you'll fight the DNA to stop the premature death, at all costs.  All people truly worship life not death.  And will always do so.  Even if their "dying breath" of death bed repentance, says otherwise.  

There is a funny scene in the movie, "The Right Stuff."

Where a virgin character is talking to an old crone character over a bar.  The old women serves hard drinks and soft whispered opinions.  She has behind her a set of pictures hung, of old  war heroes and fearless pilots.  The young woman asks about the pictures.

"What do you have to do -- to get on your wall?" The virgin says.  The old crone responds. 

"You have to die, sweetie."

With a smile she delivers the gruesome news.  That same smile fades offs her face -- as quickly as it appeared.  

This is essentially, delivered in a matter of seconds.  The nature of life.  Finding an honorable way to die.

Whether it's breaking the sound barrier, the color barrier or the gender barrier.  People with the serpent tucked inside them, try to uncoil there very lives and discover --what is and what is not.  We are constantly being taken in by science and con-men who informs us of the facts.  Setting grand vistas of Tech-Prophecies FOUR another awe-struck future.  Like western PHD cowboys riding majestic digital ponies into the 'well-read' sunset.  Of course - the future doesn't exist.
 (Read Chapter the Great Red Head.)

We just think it does.  This is the problem.  We think it does.  DNA, who gave us life, does not have to think.  We gladly do it FOUR it.  Like chemical slaves looking for a new fix. 

DNA stores.  It only stores and then remembers.  And conjures up that correct information for future generations to discover and express. 

One day we will harness light and "break" the light barrier.  Because we are not this crude flesh coiled within the snake family of Dan acids but something much grander.  We are all awaiting,  for the great unveiling as we live our belly crawling lives.

The transformation will occur but it won't last long.  Much like a tornado who exists at the proper time and only then.  They come and destroy never to be seen again.  The same tornado does not come back.  Always a newer and different one, not always a more powerful one --than the last. 

This is the indication it's not the same one.  Not coming back to seek revenge but new wind to create new life by taking life.  Of this vortex transformation of air and kinetic energy to reek havoc on the "unsuspected."

Well only the ones who are not paying attention, always get caught -- on the unawares.  Those that knew have new thoughts and got out of town or hunkered down.  The few that are spared make up the miracle stories.  Otherwise there would be no story, just a town there today and a town gone tomorrow.

The facts and the truth behave similarly as it passes by you in the night, not leaving a trace on your consciousness.  The facts of the truth are trans formative and when they really do save, no one will be around to see the man become a whirlwind.

So they "the survivors" of the 'lucky' not the knowing, will spin the caduceus stories.  Much like the scientists today who record and coil stories about DNA.  And tell us all about the magical properties of the double helix. 

It always takes two.
It takes two strands not one to make us.  And it always takes two gods not one -- 'two save' us. 

We and the others.  We are now looking for the others.  Our makers.  The double strands have instructed us -- to do so.  Not science and the laws of gravity but the holy trinity of (3-E) that is in all of us, the Dan Acids of DNA!


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