Doc Doom is Coming

When find myself starting a new business venture or selling a new idea.  I always get "the friend" from school or work, saying.

"Nope, not going to have it."

Why are 'nay-sayers' so sure about their opinions.  Who died and made them Nay.  I don't get it.  Why not say, if anyone can make it work-- its you.  Or,  tried that last year to no avail but you a better man than me!  Or sounds good let's do it!  On and on they, the 'Nay-sayers' are always trying to stop American progress. 

But the opposite also happens.  When there is a gun scare, suddenly.  The government can ban all weapons.  Huh?  They can?  When?  This idea no one is saying,

"Nope, not going to happen."

Instead anyone who has a gun, I mean weapon is buying another AR-15 or what have you.  They all believe this idea???  Why?  I am the lone voice that says,

"Nope, not going to happen."
Sure, Mister Atrocity you are being sooo naive. 

The Gov or The Fed can do anything when they put their minds too it.  Remember Hister???  I mean Hitler for those Nostradamus fans out there in False Prophet land.  (BTW, I do know how to spell Profit or Prophet.  Stop calling about it.)

Well back to my point.  When I start selling my new Sci-if Novel VEIN or another 'edition or addition' since I can't spell Profit correct. ~Anyway, or Amway --  False Profits Vol 3 coming to a store near you.  Shhh, don't tell anyone.


I just want someone to say,
"Yeah, you can do it you are like the Fed, remember Hitler?"
And I will go on and sell a million books.  Or maybe just a million double clicks? 

That's all.

The phrase 'thats all' is a bugs bunny or The Devil wears Prada movie quote.  Good 'F-ing' movie by the way.  And no, I am not homosexual.  Just on Tuesdays.  Like  the crappie burger place.  Rudy Tuesdays.  Rub me on Tuesday, dudes.  No not a second before or after. Wednesdays I am full heterosexual.  Gotta wait -- 7 glorious days.

Getting back to it. People are constantly trying to destroy.  And people don't like -- success. 
They love the prophecy of Doom and Gloom.  Doc Doom.  Is well at hand, in You Tube land.  Every comet or asteroid that swings by,  Dr Doom is out there, telling you -- or yelling,

"This is the end!"

Whenever someone reaches their goals.  People suddenly want to be a cautionary tale of bible 'bitch' barkers.  B3.  Whew!  Tough to say or write in any language.

"Pride comes before the fall!"  But no one is going around telling the sleepy and slothful, "Arise and walk."  

Before a Proud person can fall, he must get up first.  You cannot trip if you never take a walk.  You cannot get injured if you never play a game or workout.  Injury rarely occurs digging your arm deeply in a bag of  Lays potatoes chips.  If you eat yourself to half a ton.  People have done it.  The human body can development into anything.  You never hear people saying,

"She will never get fat, that's impossible."

No 'nay-sayers' for that.  No Doc Doom on weight gain.  We don't refuse to believe that humans can take any shape.  Or shape themselves into just about anything, except success.

If you gaze at a half a ton doughy woman or man who has enablers helping them. ~Keeping them eating and bathing them in their grand atrocity!  The super muscular people are similarly transformed into steel or chiseled rock with the help of trainers or steroids!  The body can take any shape, not just what the DNA tells it.  Or the Dan Acids I like to call then.  Chapter DNA, and the Dan Acids!  Coming soon.
 (Hush, it's about Diet.)  

So let the 'Nay-sayers' come out against this blog.  There is a tremendous Debunker out there by the name of Chris White.  He's all over You Tube land.  When he targets you, well you become  famous.  Well 'NET' famous not real famous, there is a difference, still.

Well "That's all" -- Nay-sayers see ya around loser-ville some other time. The End is not near. Unless you choose to wear loser shoes like the hated flip-flip.  (Chris White wears flip-flops at the airport, allegedly)

Atrocity out!  Again!  And Again!  Never mind.


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