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50.50-- Arnold Palmer of Truth???

The world of 50 percent off / half and half is all around us. 

 Half-cafe, half and half milk, I don't want full milk just a little bit of the good stuff in me.  Vampires and weird heroines-- half creatures of the night and half good gals.  A killer and murdered of half men we call-- our children-- but it's called 'Erra-tainment.'

No one makes a decision it's all-- consensus. If we all can agree that is?  Not even our authors writing made up novels about 'hi-bread' characters-- all half dead, half alive terrors that go bump-- only at sunset before it gets too dark and scary.

  What is all this Half stuff?  How about a full dose of something--once?

 My kid said to me, thinking she was 'explaining things'-- to me like Lucy explaining things to her half Cuban-half American husband.
"She only kills kids, to keep herself alive--dad??"
"Huh?" My mind and heart wonders.

Or like my dad--you call him 'My father' who arn't in h…

Lies beneath-- are true. HIMYM

HIMYM---the last episode got me thinking.

"Well kids, if you are reading this, a man just became available and is on the market."

Lies is what put me here and what is true kept me married for twenty one plus years and counting.
  "The market I am talking about kids-- is the market of the other woman--that still beats.  I am available because I am married."

  Now most of you reading this would say,
"That is just despicable."

Well, you are not wrong. The disciples of what is 'true' will say,
"Happily ever after is what matters---most!"

  But it is the only thing that keeps me sane.  The only thing that drives from doing things I will regret.  The act of being alone is a greater crime than remaining miserable.

  The act of crying has become the understanding of one's neighbor and loving him or her.  Once this really starts-- the world will fall apart and crumble like the twin towers.  We are crumbling and there is nothing you can do a…

ASAP of Forever--it's all your SALT.

The river of time is more like ice flowing over the edge and falling in big chucks into the salty sea.  Antarctica is like this and will always be--ice time forever and ever.  A-mend.

You can reverse time.  Because it's granule.  The nature of time is like salt pouring out.  You can reverse it if you can contain it--like salt. 

The beginning is not the beginning but what happens after it all happened.  Yes it all happened.  Time is the grains of sand on a sunny beach it is the result of the end of life.  But as it compresses and becomes granite then rocks and then lava-- again then comes back to the surface.  What was encoded in it-- the death cycles of all living things springs back-- in it's sweet time. 

We have probably been here before you and I. I writing and you reading.  Reading for the first and last time over and over.  It may have taken you a scant five minutes to read this far but it's probably eons of time--if all added all up. 

There is not enough hours to …