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Captain Nemo and Gopher Wood

When Jason and the Argonauts were written I did not think the writer was writing science fiction.  But that is exactly what he wrote.  The tale is a 'tale of a fishing expedition' to an Island.  And find a golden fleece.  We are Astronauts going to an Island that floats in the sky.  And find 'golden knowledge.'  The tales are imbedded in us from others.  We live, lives 'the others' tell us to live.

We are transfixed by the ocean.  The tale of Jonah and the 'great fish' is another example that we wish to live under the water not just bobbling on top.  We see the masters of the ocean not swimming on top but submerged below.  Then and only then are you a true master of the ocean.  Breathing the air of water.  Not just the air of above the water.  So there is air in water.  So water and air are the same thing just denser.  So the ocean was not our first world but our only world and we have been tampered with to 'only' be a land animal.

 So we can b…

"What the...frack-verse!"

The Path is hard and tough and sun dried without any water and no help.  People see you on the side of the road and do not help.  The help is never coming.  Never.  If you think life is about success then you never meet a successful man. The Path to success if paved with failure.  If your don't learn from failure your are definitely not going to learn from success.

The road to enlightenment does not exist.  The path to enlightenment does not exist.  Enlightenment takes no money or power or wealth.  The path of your life needs these things, money, power and wealth. But this is not needed for enlightenment.

What does exist are good intentions.  Good intentions created from the false notions of this world.  That you are born into slavery or sin and must pay to attain salvation.  So people do "good" deeds or use money, power, or wealth to correct "the past."

This is folly.  Most people do not possess money, power, and wealth.  So they do these good deeds, but real…


My love Santa Marie and Santa Marie, is not here.  She lost her way on the rocky shores of Gitchee Gumee.  She lost her grand sails and all she had-- when her husband, the grand captain 'J John Z'--- passed. Passed--- into that glorious night, all she had left was the boat, boat named Santa Marie.

 Passed--- into that glorious night.  He built light houses for her and she decorated them.  He built nourishment for her and she ate at it all.  She built nothing but she thought she was something.  In the end she was just kidding her self that she had a life without Jimmy.---Jimmy John Z.

 Jimmy John Z was his name. Not his birth name, mind you. Just his name.
 A name that when she heard it, it all but startled her the first time. Captain John Z was his title. And it kept her warm all those years as she pined away a life in her own mind. That is where she lived in her own mind. One day, some day he would tell her the secret, the awful secret that kept them apart. Even though t…

The Grand Thieve ---The Chief Corner Stone Pt 2

Lets start talking the Top of the Pyramid-- the Capstone of educational thievery and mind numbing goals---The Valedictorian CAP stone.
The learning must begin with the 101 student.  The Padawan, the mentee.

 The mentor cannot teach if the student has not really arrived.  I wish we all could just pay tuition and then it would 'automatically' make us learn and be more curious. This is the grave difference in paying a price for the great Pearl and a great treasure cannot be found-- without paying a grand price. Explorers know of what I speak.  They must get in --harms way-- to learn about harm.

   There is only so much you can learn by reading alone.
 But  you must first start there.  It's unfortunate that an athlete was handed a ball first, and a academic was handed a book.  Would a parent hand their ' smart kid ' a ball instead of an education?
 Or the opposite-- any dumb parent who give the 'so-so kid' a book and then get mad when their athleti…

The Grand Thieve ---The Chief Corner Stone

I do hesitate to talk about subjects that will out me on my life.  But what the hell.  I should come out the closet, intellectually.  And murder my own truth detector.

"The heart is designed to hear it." -Fr Barron

"  I am a closet-- astrological bible reader. "

 Not because it tells the truth but because it dares too but does not. The grand thieve of time and learning through a man's life to reach the peak, the capstone-- the Chief Cornerstone of intellect. But is it worth the time it takes to be a SME (Subject Matter Expert) only to have your words fall on the deaf ears of jaded energetic youth.

 Any real study of scriptures leads to the inescapable conclusion that we don't know-- nothing. We think we know stuff. The ancients knew about the three lights in our universe. We still believe there is only two. Astrophysicist know better. The third light-- the light of creation itself the beginning is all around us-- still. The light after the so-called big ba…

100 percent MAN vs 100 percent WOMAN equals--???

Cough, cough---clearing the throat a little here. When talking about the opposite sex it can get a little hairy here---please lend me some latitude or altitude---here. When watching the film Edge of Tomorrow in Harkins Theater at the Cine Capri-- in Southlake, TX. I could not help but realize this is a grand stage for the battle of the sexes.

When there is a battle of the sexes on the screen you would want a 'sexy tight' couple with good looks and tightly fitted clothes and nice smiles.  We might think of two people dressed in the latest fashion of 'Parda' both male and female, top of the food chain and full of their claim of outright but still earned-- success.

 This is the essential backdrop to say, "... that a Man is better than a Woman."
  Or the opposing view,  heaven forbid, that a Woman is absolutely better than a beastly man.  This way of scoring is not good logical, where a female can only win by beating a man at his own game. Surely there are othe…