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Every Easter I get a good portion of my favorite Easter candy--"The Peep" it always tastes good and never lets me down.  But for the most part of my life I have no--Peeps.  Friends or people who matter.  The failure of friends comes from many reasons but one is not investiture of time in them.  Stands the most present.

So for the better part of my life clock-- I have listened to and heard things that are not believable.  The past can be changed and the present can not be changed without a plan for the future.  These 3 dominate parts of anyone's life is represented in the day of Sunday like no other.

The 3 parts of a man is some equation to science (ONE = -09876543 minus the BS) The real true equation is really just 3 parts--adding up to the morning of his life and then zenith and then the falling action of his later days. 

The great 9,12,3 in the sky.  When a man hits the (Twelve) or 12 and it is unexpected.  Then all say to him---mid life crises.  When a man in the …