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The One percent and the Needle's Eye!

When you begin to understand how much money can buy and what it actually buys then you begin to understand what the real reason for the bits of trees compressed and engraved with dead presidents and one inventor's face on it. The real reason for the hate of the one percent. The real dislike for billionaires. The real reason why people don't want to become like the one percent...freedom.

   They don't wish to be free in the first place and then don't do anything to be free. They sit their wondering why they are broke, not thinking why they are not rich yet? They should be wondering why they are not doing anything but sitting there in the town's square, chanting about why they are chanting? There are good and true reasons why the One percent lord's it over us. They can.

   If the roles were reversed, I guess you would give 51 percent away and not shed a tear?? Probably not. Ask someone who is hungry to share that last bowl of rice or soup or that last half of…

Curse of the "Out of Town" Prophet.

What I find  most disturbing-- is the people who are the closest to you,  are never the 'good judge' of your own real worth. It seems 'Only strangers--' understand what you are really all about. The saying,

"...that a "prophet is his own land is never heard." Is an axiom that is true today, as it was long ago.

   No one who witnesses a friend, 'growing up' thinks-- that friend is worthy of being heard. Or is an expert of anything at all and especially nothing special.
 Special never comes from within the city limits but always comes from-- 'over the hill.' But never right there in front of us. The real truth is that the thing or person we care about the most.
Is the thing or person we take for granted-- the most.

   We wake to a world that is alive with color and sound but no one has the time, to see or hear this wonderful rocky enclave. We are just too busy. To damn deaf and mad blind to try to "smell the roses." Most consid…

Tebow and the Athletic Gods!

What is going on in America? We are not liking a liberal President who knocks off terrorists faster than his wife, Michelle Obama goes on vacation. The President who cares not for the 'no facts and only fake emotion' of Republicans. And he, the President, still lacks control of his very socialistic economy?

But putting aside these apparent political anachronisms of the 2012 America. We see a football player get more pub than 'bus riding candidate' Sarah Palin. But we are all enamored with a very so-so QB who has enliven a franchise that only...John Elway could make or break. And he broke it.

Now we are thinking and praying with a young QB who gets his shot at the number one spot. Why does this kid inspire other kids, who may or may not have cancer, to Twit and Facebook him? Why does America like a person with no real skills and lots of prayers thrown up as dead-duck pigskins? With his Tebowing and false bravada this gives people hope in a so-so economy??

Athletics are…