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'The 123s of Alpha-BETA GAMES!

The King of Quants or Quantive analysis says, "The numbers never lie."

Well I say, the chemicals coursing through us are always lying to us---we believe the chemicals are moral they are not. The future of mankind is through pleasure and maintaining that pleasure as apart of our survival skills.

Good at facts not good at the future.  Betas, quants and other men of valor.  When searching for a Beta there are the obvious signs.  The Beta too romantic for the Alpha.  The Beta sometimes becomes too needed and the Alpha is never needy.  When animals pair bond---their bond is not for life.  Amoung the predators it is---"life" is a pejorative term in the animal world since life spans are short and bonding for life may mean 5 to 10 years.  This is the rub.  When animals mate in the predator mammal world it's 5 to 10.  Because there is always Alpha and Beta fights.

Beta never know they are Betas and Alpha always know who they are---that's why they are Alphas.  The female who is "lucky" finds a Alpha and beds down with him.  If she is skillful and lucky she can control the Alpha and make him apart of "her pride." This means what we affectionately call "family" it is really the females pride or invention and she will do anything to make a "Pride" and keep it once it's created. 

A good and skillful female has learned techniques from her DNA past mothers that gives her an intellectual edge over the male Alpha.  The right kind of words or attention the female can give will automatically deceive the Alpha to  be subservient to her wishes and he will "believe" it was all his idea.
  Now this is a normal paring behavior and no one is too impressed here-- including the reader.  But when an Alpha female is seeking a predator to dominate another-- Alpha.  This can be a titanic battle--
"...this is the stuff of legends, Mr. Wayne."

 If a highly intelligent, skillful and sexually powerful Alpha female can bag an Alpha as well.  Well this makes the human race more exceptional.  Her offspring will undoubtedly reap the large DNA benefits of such a pairing. Her DNA knows this and keeps her on the "straight and narrow' so to speak to accomplishing her goals.
 Females driven to success are usually 'Unicorns or Capricorns' because they are rare in the sense of a female species---rare. Do not think you are one just by reading this blog and getting educated on the subject. They are deeply committed to their causes and don't like to be trifled with in any way including by their insignificant others.

This is what we call a "power couple" not the Hollywood version.  That is all "fake" nothing in Hollywood is real, except 'the take' they get from deceiving us, nicely.  Now all of this is explored and talked about in the movie, "Edge of Tomorrow" bad title but great film.

 We have a "Cage" in the beginning who is the prototypical Beta.  He masked himself as a Alpha and walks like he knows what he is saying---the character "Cage" is not what the girls are looking for...or rather one particular girl!  So steps in is the true Alpha of the story "The Angel of Verdun" she is not any kind of Angel  any male is used to---and the Betas call her the "Full Metal Bitch!" Now this is the Alpha all men and especially Betas seek.  She is a rare commodity.  She chooses one Alpha and she knows that Alpha is NOT going to be kind to her.  And she just doesn't care.

 Because Evolution or DNA and or "The Cube" gave her the ability to choose two mates for life an Alpha and a Beta.  The Alpha is not going to supply all of her "Pride-family" wishes.  So after "Caging" her Alpha in her 'sex-box' she now quests for not just one Beta but 5-10.  See the Alpha-female shows her prowess by all things sexual.  She has no bounds but never let's it be know.  She is on the prowl the very second her Alpha is tucked away nicely in her sex cave- maze of fun.  He the Alpha is convinced this is the best for him and becomes complacent begins producing the life giving "juice" the Alpha-female requires.

 All females especially Alphas know how many offspring they want.  DNA tells them like a beating heart.  Over and over  in her head is the number she drives to reach.  Now females becoming pregnant and now taken advantaged of---well only the  dumb ones.  They die out fast.  The True Apex predator doesn't know how to lose, will use any and all powers to maintain their objectives.  This is why certain women love to hang out with men and other women usually dislike the Alpha-female for doing so.  Nothing can con the Alpha-female to distract her from her mission.  This is what makes her so attractive to potential Betas.  They  believe she will never hurt them.  But they are wrong.  Once the Apex-female finds her Alpha to bag now she sits and waits and will wait---mean while "entertaining" Betas to her hearts content.

But never allowing herself to be conned and especially not by a lonely little Beta.  Romantic dinners and money is spent by Betas they talk about their careers.  They do anything to impress this unique Apex-female that they are not what she knows them to be---just a Beta.  Now once she beds the Alpha and the Alpha does his thing---being an Alpha slaying and providing--getting promotions and not settling in his career.  She now can explore rather safely the thing few Alphas can never learn--romance.  She does not need romance she desires it.  Like Chocolate.  Chocolate is not necessary for life.  Can you live without it???
 The Beta romance is very similar.  Lots of good marriages end because they do not understand this real Alpha-Beta game.  They believe morals wins in the end.  They would be wrong.  Morals ends the weak of the species but the survival goes to the smartest and sexiest.  The reason people need antidepressants is because they are killing there inner Alpha lost  through the sands of time back in sex-maze of their "lives."  Once the acquired trapped male, Alpha, raises and realizes he was trapped by self analysis or through a "life change" of some kind.

"Layoff--or financial distress or health" The Apex-female goes in mega Beat-Beta mode.  Why do some marriages end and other do not? No matter what---SHE KNOWS what SHE IS and dares not lose her Alpha to the sands of time or life's odd circumstances.

If she tries to replace her Alpha of her youth with a new Alpha she will lose both Alphas.  The "bagged" Alpha and the "potential" Alpha.

There is an Alpha male code--and new Alphas don't like to be used--knowingly.  So only a very skilled Apex-female understands all of this and her personality is shaped by it.  She will not end up with nothing!  So the Beta quest begins.  You see this all the time--a married woman flirts with potential Betas testing and having fun mostly.  Nothing serious.  Learning how far she can push the limits.  And get what she desires-- Romantic Attention.

The RA, RA that drives most of our economy.

BTW, the real prize is a skillful Alpha-male who understands how to be Beat her Apex-female sex games and to "keep her" on the straight and narrow.  This is basically what we call the "old religion." The worship of the Mother-Goddess.  Her symbol down though history is the number 5. So you see symbols with 5 in them all around us.

 In Texas the lone star state has the "husband" star for it's symbol.  BTW, there is a "female Goddess" symbol it's the opposite of the "upright male star" ---we call it the pentagon.  The pentagon is a female principle symbol and relates to time and space.

Or what we call-- the moment or the 'second hand.'

So once her "pentagon" gets not enough attention from her "caged" Alpha.  She looks to fill her "pentagon" with one or more Betas. The woman who reads this and does not know what I am saying is lost already and is probably on the road to--- medication.

Now the Apex-female is not looking for a new life.  She might think that is what she is doing but her DNA knows she does not what to lose what she has built with her--"family-pride."   If SHE has to make 'the pride' happy herself, she is called a-- single mother.  Single mothers did not listen to their sex-heart's wishes.  I have not pity for them.  Let the government do that!

  So to be clear here what I am writing about previously is an stereo-typical Alpha-Beta marriage. Not a special Alpha on Alpha relationship!

  Most marriages and the people in them, do not know what I am talking about. And when someone seeks an additional Beta this usually tears apart a typical Beta on Beta marriage.  This is only because neither party truly respected each other-- going into-- the marriage.  I use "respect" as in you "respect" if there is a lion on the prowl.  Or a tarantula spider has gotten out of his glass cage and now who knows where it crawled too??  Oh, if you think, the word is really "fear"---then who are a Beta to some degree-- in your thinking.  Alphas never fear but conquer, always.

Respect is not a mutual agreement but the exact opposite, Mutual Assured Destruction or MAD.  If either party is 'unskilled' at marriage then things get-- MAD.  This will end the pairing.  But if a Apex-female is involved in these long and terse MAD sessions go on, she is all too coy never and I mean never to show her hand, ever.

This keeps the MAD male Alpha in line--buddy.  And it works!!!  Believe me.  So how does the Apex-female know when she has found the right Beta?  Well from her prized Alpha---he will say, 
"That guys is like a brother from another Mother." What is sometimes termed a--"Bromance."

 Upon hearing those words she now fills her "pentagon" with this much needed information. This begins her considering and then planning stage.  Most females never get out of the considering/planning phase.  Because they are not skilled enough or desperately don't want to lose their--original  'Alphas'.

  The ones that do want to lose their Alphas, start respecting and looking at themselves differently. Begin the process of thinking about getting a 'divorce.' A divorce though is no real solution because pursuing their new alphas on the horizon takes time and money. Then usually betas and omegas, start showing up upon hearing "the news" of the couples demise.

This pursuit is hard to do while being single. Common Sense would tell you different but CS is never correct. And wrong looks like 'U' end up paying the bills, ALL the bills.  Kinda--- wrong too. Need survival first, then love.  Is the first rule.

Most common females are lost on why an Alpha female was born in the first place???

 Rule Two: She was born to RULE!!!!!!! Silly. Of course, Reign, Rock and Roll and do it naughtily!!!  No real-- Apex-female will ever get one, a real divorce.  This is the silliest of things to do---it's so much easier to play the Beta game!!!!!

Rule Three: Never lose what you worked so hard to gain. Or never pave the same real estate twice my friend.
Next time---Beta Game 21 or Blackjack!!!


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