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The Grand Thieve ---The Chief Corner Stone Pt 2

Lets start talking the Top of the Pyramid-- the Capstone of educational thievery and mind numbing goals---The Valedictorian CAP stone.
The learning must begin with the 101 student.  The Padawan, the mentee.

 The mentor cannot teach if the student has not really arrived.  I wish we all could just pay tuition and then it would 'automatically' make us learn and be more curious. This is the grave difference in paying a price for the great Pearl and a great treasure cannot be found-- without paying a grand price. Explorers know of what I speak.  They must get in --harms way-- to learn about harm.

   There is only so much you can learn by reading alone.
 But  you must first start there.  It's unfortunate that an athlete was handed a ball first, and a academic was handed a book.  Would a parent hand their ' smart kid ' a ball instead of an education?
 Or the opposite-- any dumb parent who give the 'so-so kid' a book and then get mad when their athletics is neglected?? Not their education. Heaven forbid we do homework until midnight but a basketball or football or volleyball tournament-- no problem. No complaints about athletic homework just the mind kind.

 All parents want the next Tiger Woods, Tom Brady or Jim Thorpe.  Who?  Jim Thorpe all around, all America athlete who was a track star, basketball talent and played and co-founder the NFL!  Would any parent in their 'right mind'-- hand Jim Thorpe, half Anglo and half American Indian, a book to read??  Yes.  Yes it happened.  He learned the 'white ways' and then was rejected by both sides until he beat everyone on the field of play.

Those that want anything can attain it.  But to compete with the best and take it from the best and then after ~really competing on the field then measuring up.  Is the dream.  The opportunity to fail is what we have all forgotten.  The pursuit of happiness the opportunity to fail.  Today we cannot allow people or kids to fail and then learn.  We have taken the right of failure out of our schools and gyms.  Practice makes perfect.  Is all we know.  If we cannot compete then buy it somehow some way.
  Club leagues and Spelling Bees.  But are these the way or just a distraction from what all kids need---knowledge of failure.  Of what not to do.  This grand culture began with a tale of a two kings one who supposedly gave us the great ten don'ts!  The ten donuts!  The ten do not dos---but how about the Ten dos??  Is there a do anywhere?

 The grand ten don't do's are a useless and pleasing as donuts. Any no real nutrition to your life but are used for weighing objects. For seeing if you can pass mustard. Your heart or deeds versus a feather!

That's the real don't do truth of it.  The religious  organizations would be wise to turn away prospects than accept one and 4 all.  They should put an earn it tag on their salvation.  But too many  Churches don't want to rub salt in a old wound.  They think salvation can come just by not doing something.  Accepting Jesus not rejecting him under the banner of the ten 'knots' list. 

Huh?  You want me to do something?  Yeah accept the Chief Cornerstone.  This is the greatest of 'knots' of DO in human history.

The tale of the savior of men and not women.  Let's be 'fair', it's not for the fairer of the species.  It's a stolen story from the pagan Queen worshipers and then recast in a better light.  There is a better story that the gospels are trying and tell  but most refuse to accept it.  That is what a Chief Cornerstone is beginning rejected.  The stone that was rejected.  Not by morals and dogma because it cannot hold any weight.  The Corner stone can hold tons of weight.  But the Chief cornerstone will hold or support no weight at all!

The back of the dollar bill tells it all.  It's not a pagan symbol or a illuminate symbol of evil.  It's just weightless and floating.  It supports no weight but gets enlightened daily.  The grandest of metaphors and still it escaped me over and over.  The head.  The head of the church is the Chief cornerstone!  The mind is the thing that needs enlightening and it's the head that supports no weight.  It contains the eyes.  There is just one eye in the great seal.  Because  god is myopic and cannot see.  Until the Chief Cornerstone is in place and then  we shall see.  The symbol of a blind man seeing is not a tale of healing but enlightening.  Lifting a  heavy human who is lame into a walking floating human.  The miracle stories are all the same.  The mind is weightless and floats and needs a cup of water to be free.


 The mind is what we all seek.  And nothing else. The Chief cornerstone is at the apex and no where else.

  When you watch the movie Man of Steel you get the inescapable conclusion that it is the movie of the century!  But when I SEE it's rating it's just 56 percent on rotten tomatoes.  Only half got it!  Only half see it.  Then the other half knows what is happening and rejects it.  Of course.
  You reject the Chief Cornerstone.  That's what we all do.  In a movie theater who cares if you like it or hate it.  But some people take their movies very seriously.  There is a reason for that.  They know all theater comes from the Greeks.  They created what they called-- the God show.  Theos!  The tangle of grand characters and metaphors on a stage of our minds.  If you like theater not the movies you'll know what I am saying.

And if you only go to plush THX sound show rooms you will escape the point.  We go to learn and nothing else.  Entertainment is for the birds.  We all go to learn.  Every time.  At the God Shows.  Only one problem.  Which God?  There are two.  Yes, Good and Evil synagogues exist.  That's where religion comes in to tell us which one is bad and which is good.  For a small fee, by the way.  Always for a small fee.  Pay now of pay later the ministers say.  If they charged admission to enter a church I bet few would pay.  And of they made all theaters-- dollar theaters I bet people would still try not to pay the lone dollar entrance fee.

It's funny.  Popcorn 8 bucks, no problem.  Coke 8 bucks no problem.  The movie 28 bucks no problem.  A bad movie costing 100 bucks a problem.  Movie reviews exist because it costs too much to see a bad movie.  It's never too much to see a great flick!  This is what religion needs to start harnessing the free market.

No more, just say no and you are in.  More like it's gonna cost you and you are worth it! Other grand thieves not just of time--- The Joel Osteens of the the TBN world need not read.  They already have their marketing, tell the people good news and don't place the blame on others and you will win.

" I like his wife. "  Another closet sin was just uttered and came out. BTW, a pyramid symbolizes a female principle. The narrow passage ways and labyrinths of a female mind and body at work below---here on earth. Kings do into her to be reborn---resurrection. Not just of the body but of the mind.

 Call me Victoria--- sexy DNA awaits--intellectual curiosity  will gladly say yes and never no---to the holy of holiest.

  The Chief Corner Stone -- the mind. The one thing they can't steal--- your thoughts.
Not yet anyway.


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