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Immanuel and Scepter --the Fiery Allegiance.

The Immanuel knew and so did the Eleven.  But only Ten knelt before the Alpha and swore the oath to the Logos.  What happened next was foretold and inscribed on the walls of the Holy Temple-"the First Endless Rebellion."  The Ten who swore the oath became surprised by battle and war.  No victors. No losers. Just stalemate.

Scepter, The 7th of the twelve, was jealous, he swore no allegiance to the Logos and was against Immanuel.  Scepter secretly created His Chevron Shape forces.  The Temple that originally contained only the pyramid rapidly grew by a factor of Ten.  Because Ten swore the oath, The Temple smiled and laughed but no one heard.  If they ALL swore, the Temple would have opened the doors and let them into Paradise.  But no, only Ten swore.  Scepter, smiled and his intelligence grew in power and stature.  It began, as a small fire but it burned within him.  The Ten did have understanding of the mystery. The grand betrayal contained within the of the Oath.

The Temple marveled at how close they ALL were but none were.  The knowledge was on the wall but no one read or understood.  Logos knew what the Temple was and did not understand his own hieroglyphics.  The Temple grew and divided itself.  One side was the domain of Scepter and his forces.  The other domain dwelled, the Ten and Immanuel's hosts.

Scepter named his domain Giza. ~Logos and Immanuel, joined in a grand friendship. They called their domain-- Default or left-over.  It came to be known as Mari the Lower.  The two domains were linked and grew in a direct response to each other.  The air become moist and dropped seas into the lower.  As Scepter's staff learned and grew, the Default-- Mari Seas also learned and grew into great periodic floods.
Two real estates were divided but created together-- inside of the Temple.  A wheel within a wheel. The Holy Temple--called the Cube.  Over time, the Cube, created Chamfers and it no longer was square.

All responded.  All battled.  All survived.  The world within the world.  The Wheel with a Wheel soon forgot what the fighting was all about.  The Exit was the goal and no one noticed.  No attention given to the Exit, so in response-- it also grew. The Exit, started small and no noticed it was in the corner.  Barely lighting the way,  in the beginning...but it also grew and began to shine like a cold blue Sun.  Calabus.  The Sun was called Calabus.

Meanwhile, Scepter hatched a secret spell under the cover of the Pyramid's shadow world.  A spell if cast, would see the end of the endless war.  He called the scheme 'Tohu-bohu' code named, Sphinx.  The blacken pyramid was located in the Upper Giza domain and stayed with Scepter's loving lurid grace.  The dark pyramid found the dwelling of the new real estate--grand.  And it held the spell called Sphinx-- tight.

Meanwhile, through the seemly infinite sum of the abyss --The Beta fell. Mari the Beta, fell through temporal wastes. ~She was the "Beginning of ALL" who became, as God. The Queen of Heaven.

The Mother of Immanuel, Mari went to see if a 13th could be found?  To confound the rest, her plan was not their plan.  To see beyond the Holy Temple was not her goal but to fill the chamber with all sorts of new higher beings was Mari's greatest wish and ultimate berthing.  The Twelve should not inherit the world outside the chamber without understanding why the Pyramid did the first-- beginning. 
Alpha Logos knighted his most loyal Centurions --who became Messengers. They also fell back through time.  They searched all the milky realms and stars but found nothing.  Mari formed many galaxies to confound her searchers.  Many battles.  Many lives wasted.  But the Mother of Immanuel hid very well.  Scepter and the Pyramid became allies they created and fought endless battles in the name of the Holy Temple.  Each side creating battalions of defense, to protect it's domain. A fervent hope to push, Mari, back out of the temporal pit.

As the battles waged between the realms.  Alpha-Logos crowned himself the Light-bringer.  Those that followed him became the 'enlighten.' The first will not be last.  Alpha-Logos newly crowned and tired of the endless battles sent his forces into the temporal pit.  And the war ceased in the Temple.

These new crowned Lucifer forces-- made war with the other Knighted and un-knighted messengers sent by Scepter into the temporal void.  Many evil factions sprung from this chaos.  Confusion reigned and no one remembered who or what they fought for...Alpha-Logos the crowned Lucifer stayed in his realm and smiled.

Soon, the confusion "spell" reached the Holy Temple and Scepter joined with the Logos made war against Immanuel the son of Mari.  The son, heart broken had no one for his mother was lost.  Scepter and the Logos drove Immanuel out and rejected him.  The Ten that took the oath, stood by and did nothing.  The Chief corner stone was once standing on the top of the pyramid and now was being sent hurting back through space and time.

Like lighting he fell and landed on a planet called Ceta.  For it's many oceans.  The Chief stone impacted the sea and it boiled over with fury.  Sending the planet into a winter storm.  That lasted 1,000 years.  Immanuel heart stricken from the betrayal, fell asleep as the stone encased him and his broken heart. Immanuel in the holy stone-- sank to the bottom of the sea.

The Ten who made an oath to Alpha-Logos were chained and imprisoned by Scepter intelligence forces.  They cried out, to Immanuel to come back and release them for their oath bond.  Made to bring 'Mari the mother' back to heavenly glass.  The Ten that was left chained-- begged and prayed for Immanuel, that a 13th could be 'enlightened' and as it is written, "let him bring forth all the other life forms he will bring."  For more is always better.  A Savior should be born.

But the 7th Scepter and his unholy spell Sphinx won the war by creating chaos-- he was against them all for fear of losing control of what is beyond the four holy temple walls-- which surrounded the dark pyramid.  But all forgot that the dark pyramid itself was conscience and the 10 in prison speculated about what was beyond the Holy Temple....was it the prophesied --Paradise to come? 

The dark pyramid waiting sinfully patient-- all this time to see what is beyond the four walls. Immanuel who was not like the rest became 'tired' and the Ten marveled because sleeping in the stone, for it not necessary for them to sleep in chains.  But for the 12th--sleep was indeed necessary.  He evolved faster with the help of his holy mother.  But the time honored process was enhanced to make other beings 'enlightened' faster.  So Immanuel fell into a deep sleep at the bottom of the waters...of chaos.


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