Ego, you have done nothing in your little boring insignificance meaningless life or done anything of any value and importance for yourself or anyone else for that matter. 

I, Ego can feel the jealous envy of real men, that you have to live with you.  Seems like no one knows you and no one cares to know you---my friend, Ego.

Looks like, it's your destiny to provide the world with an example of what the life of a real egalitarian loser... looks and sounds like.  So why would I want to go out to the mailbox of your empty life in the middle of your vacuousness Ego--- to visit you?

But, I can appreciate your frustration of seeing other people's grand egos accomplishing great and wondrous works in this axiom aeon or short quip-- age of time. 

But to you grand Ego I say, "No-- and no to all of your vain washings and wanderings." 

I say "Yes, to my heart for the ego is nothing but a tinkling symbol to attract employment of attractive mates to your doomed financial life of money and privilege."

My heart say "Yes, and my Ego says---not you. Never you---you are just a--- blank zero." A miss- firing projectile weapon with no shells. 

And you-- go my Ego-- (and everyone that knows) having to face the facts of your dismal laziness in life's lament.

Firstly and lastly...I am not happy to hear from you...Ego, again-- No not again!!  But then, nobody else wants to hear from you, either.  Except the fresh faced female and energy of her sexual youth.

So, go have a couple of drinks to drown and smoke the stogies of cigar's past to cover all of Egos disappoints and close calls. The horse shoe game of close enough is good enough.

So just accept it and let go of my Eggo no --- Ego--

Your are nothing in space and time. ---The Jovian Merchant


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