Maybe Tommorrow...

And there was a beautiful stone carving of a lovers embrace.
And a man who created the stone lovers starred and remembered.
And etched two words at the bottom.

And after a time....

The man turned and saw a woman walking toward him
and fell in love with her by the very sight of her and her beautiful body.

He only got a glimpse and she went away.
She smiled and went about her activities.

The man chased her and chased her and she never relented....
he chased and chased some more and finally after much time she relented.
He saw the beauty again and it was like he remembered.

He made love to her and her beautiful body. Then it was finished.
She smiled and went about her activities.

The man said, "How about living with me for the rest of your life?"
She smiled and went about her activities.

He said, "How about this ring?"
She smiled and continued walking... without him.

He said, "Marriage then"....she stopped and turned and said,
"Maybe. But today, I must go home."
"Ok." he said, "I will see you tomorrow."
And she left walked away....she swayed-- oh so beautiful, as she walked.

He said, "It's tomorrow...."
She smiled and said, "Yes, but I have to go out of town."
"Ok." he said, "I will see you tomorrow."
She swayed and walked away. 
As the sun set slowly.

He said, "Hi remember me."

She smiled and said, "No...oh your the one that is asking for my hand?"
"Yes. Well I would but there is a great storm and everyone must leave."

"Ok, after it passes then I will see you?" he asked.
She smiled and left him, again.

After much time and much asking and many more storms and many more activities.
Still the same, no real answer. Just a smile and a sway and she left out of his life.
Then the sun set. And the Moon arose and he wept in a pile of tears.
 For there was no way to convince the woman that he had her perfect life in his mind.

And all the things they were to do was more of the love he had for her and her beautiful body.

Much time has passed and the woman had married another and had children and the children
had grown and went away... and her "husband" died and she walked by herself and
she was very old and could not hardly stand.

The man, who created the stone lovers, stood in front of her and smiled and
put out his young hand, asked her to be young....for a while and live a life without care and worry. She
smiled and ran up to him and they embraced and made love and he fell asleep.
He did not wake with a smile and did not wake.

She stirred him and there was no movement...and she walked a bit and found a
book containing all the pictures of her life without him and all the moments of her life he cataloged.
And then she knew how much this man loved her and let her live without him.

 And waited for her to be ready for his love.

And a doctor came up to her and said, 
"It's a miracle it's a miracle!" 
and she said, "What it is?"

 "He finally was cured and was in a coma for ten years awoke walked out here and
found you the one he was waiting for...I told him there was no chance of finding you
for too many years had passed he had only one day, one more day, to live."

"There was millions of people."

"But he found you, he found you....his last was the like the first and that's all
that mattered. That's all the mattered to him."

"You completed him."

She smile and said she, "Yes! Yes I want to be with him forever."
And she fell asleep at his side and did not wake.

And all the world went dark and the earth turned to dust and they became like
rocks and you could see their embrace still but their bodies were stone.

Millions of years passes...

And a young man and young woman came sat by the rocks and made love
and the sun set and the moon arose. And she said, 
"Look the rocks look like lovers" and he said,
 "Yes of course. Yes, of course they do."

"For it us, it was us and it will be us forever and ever."
She smiled and said,"I gotta go now but I hope to see you see tomorrow."

Of course, my love 
Of course, my love of course...for tomorrow will be another day. 

She left... and he fell asleep.

And as he went to sleep snuggled the stone lovers and her stone body. 

He did not wake, ever again. But was in peace with his love--- finally.

And the two words that were etched in stone....



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