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The Grand Thieve ---The Chief Corner Stone

I do hesitate to talk about subjects that will out me on my life.  But what the hell.  I should come out the closet, intellectually.  And murder my own truth detector.

"The heart is designed to hear it." -Fr Barron

"  I am a closet-- astrological bible reader. "

 Not because it tells the truth but because it dares too but does not. The grand thieve of time and learning through a man's life to reach the peak, the capstone-- the Chief Cornerstone of intellect. But is it worth the time it takes to be a SME (Subject Matter Expert) only to have your words fall on the deaf ears of jaded energetic youth.

 Any real study of scriptures leads to the inescapable conclusion that we don't know-- nothing. We think we know stuff. The ancients knew about the three lights in our universe. We still believe there is only two. Astrophysicist know better. The third light-- the light of creation itself the beginning is all around us-- still. The light after the so-called big bang still lights our way. The ancients knew there were three lights and said so-- and we are just now coming out of our knowledge comas.

A old Rabbi once stated ---that Adam was a Moon worshiper. The first religion.
That is why the whole-- "...and evening and morning was the first day."--thing.

 Not the first day of creation but the first day they recognized this new religion. The Moon cultist. There are tons and tons of Moon worshipers who believe they worship the Sun. Or the Son. They believe in a scarcity model of " Moon-otheism light " to read by night light characteristics in their worship lives.

 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

Is not referring to the sun or the stars or even the moon??? The third light is really the first light! The light of creation the beginning before the beginning. The "Big bang." The Catholic priest who first postulated this notion was not a secularist.

Ancients believed that Daylight existed without the Sun's help---And the Moon light was not reflected light of the sun. So then if they are so wrong about the Sun and Moon why are they-- "right on" about the third light??? This is where I usually go---Wow!

Most people at this point would just reject what I am saying as just double speak. But if you really know light is all around then you have to understand that only the "truly blind" do see what I am saying. They understand the difference between day and night and never see any light???

What else is funny about the bible it gets the cities and towns right but no where near the correct time line? How the ancients knew the names of cities and descriptions-- long buried even in their day is in inescapable to modern archeologists. They know there was a Jericho but it did not have a great wall from protection but observation of the stars and moon or the heavens.

Remember the heavens is a dark place not the well lighted version we see on our televisions about going to heaven. No, the ancients knew the heavens were only "lit up"-- at night.

 If you understand what I am saying then you will start to get that the observation from a "great height" in their day would be a place just above the local trees or other obstructions so they could view the ecliptic intersecting the horizon-- and that what its all about astrology. Their god came out at night---the Moon. Was the grand needle in the sky dictating what time it was against the constellation background.

  They knew the difference, the ancients, between real constellations and what we call the "big dipper." Aster-ism stars were not real constellations. How the ancients knew this is up for debate. But they knew. If you don't believe in the stars it doesn't matter they cannot be erased. Until morning---when the sun comes out and you see blue.

 Out of the blue is where people get ideas from the Mono-sun in our sky. Comets were a big deal not because of doom but because they could be seen in the day as well! This disturbed the right full order of the heavens or liturgy and of course their conception of god. If something could over power the sun light. By the way the ancients believed that the sun had a easy job because it only came out during the-- day!--??? They honored the moon more because it gave light-- at night when they needed it most. Especially without electricity.

At sun-set---came the moon. Jericho is known as Moon city. So when-- so called 'Joshua' comes to this city of protection it is already been buried for a thousand years or more and the only he would have seen is the subsequent cities built on top of the great wall of Jericho.  The wall was built to control flooding and see the stars---that's all. The rest of the story is a narrative. So of course the ' Mono-worshippers ' went to a city known for the Moon and took it.

"The bible holds odd secrets---kept until you are ready to listen."

  The religious institutions couldn't tell us.  Because mostly we are not curious enough. We and they went quietly into that glorious night and the real truth was not mentioned.  There is a higher power.  And man is not a collection of chemicals, alone.  They study the human body and learn by dissecting it or dismembering it. There is a way that seems right to a man but the ends there of are destruction.

  Study an atom not just by destroying them in a speeding collider or in a bomb casing.  Neither tell the learner anything they really want to learn.  They want the keys to create, everything.  By destroying anything as they learn.  They will never learn unless they see the three lights--- for themselves first.

The grand thieve of time and learning through a man's life to reach the peak-- the capstone-- the Chief Cornerstone of intellect. In other words---wisdom of old age, experience over youthful exuberance.

End of Part ONE--------------------


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