Captain Nemo and Gopher Wood

When Jason and the Argonauts were written I did not think the writer was writing science fiction.  But that is exactly what he wrote.  The tale is a 'tale of a fishing expedition' to an Island.  And find a golden fleece.  We are Astronauts going to an Island that floats in the sky.  And find 'golden knowledge.'  The tales are imbedded in us from others.  We live, lives 'the others' tell us to live.

We are transfixed by the ocean.  The tale of Jonah and the 'great fish' is another example that we wish to live under the water not just bobbling on top.  We see the masters of the ocean not swimming on top but submerged below.  Then and only then are you a true master of the ocean.  Breathing the air of water.  Not just the air of above the water.  So there is air in water.  So water and air are the same thing just denser.  So the ocean was not our first world but our only world and we have been tampered with to 'only' be a land animal.

 So we can be controlled better.  We would be right if all of us became both adept at breathing water and air for our survival.  So since science has not delivered a mutation.  So men develop underwater vehicles.  I am assuming a man climbed into a 'great fish' once to see if he could survive under the water.  Then when he was 'returned' by the sea creatures.  We reward the great fish by hunting them all for oil.  The sea creatures being nice to the humans, it must have backfired.  So never again does the sea treat men nicely.  So I have no sorrow for tidal waves and taking of men's lives through drowning.  For if you live on this planet and have not conquered water then you are a fool.

The four elements must be understood and conquered.  Fire, water, air and earth.  We must understand tidal waves and earthquakes and then we have to contend with volcanoes.  That conquers the water eventually  if in abundance.  We live on a fire cinder that is cooled by a layer of earth.  As thin as an egg's shell.  So that we are 'drilling' the shell in  search of the heart or yoke of the egg is the greatest of missteps and will, as Christians would say,....a sin against the spirit of the planet.

We need to worship the sun.  And make solar power our priority on the face of the earth.  But to make vehicles submerged  under the ocean we would find the power of underwater heating can run an entire city or at least a submarine.  The 'nautilus' was not an nuclear sub but one that used electricity  to the maximum.  In the original novel the sub used electricity not made by fission of atoms but by a turbine of the water.  A vortex was created by Nemo within the hull of the sub which gave the sub a layer of 'separation' from the water.  And made the ship a flying ship.  Not bound by air or water and Nemo could have flown out of the sea for a time if the wished.  So Noah and Nemo are the same.

The ark was made and it took 800 years to make it?  What kind of ship takes 800 years to make?  A kind that is not one of their time...of course.  The message to Noah was not make a ship and you got 800 to do it.  But make a ship 800 years from now and then you'll have the tools to make it.  We are following a similar course.  The 'gods' were testing our brains.  Can they make a ship if given enough time to create one.  The answer was...yes.  The ship was made of 'gopher wood' well obviously a mistranslation.  So where do gophers live?  Under the ground.  Wood from under the ground.  Or a wood that has been 'petrified.' Hardened to almost slate status.

  So what else lives underground.  Steel or metal in great abundance.  The ark was an Ironclad ship which moved under the water not on top.  The passengers would be killed from the moving and slamming of tidal waves.

 Make the ship underground and make it accessible to the ocean.  Once the ocean has covered the world.  This can be done.  It does not take a feat of technology but of will.  Steer humans in a way through war or civilizations to create the technologies to make such a ship.  Use the knowledge of the hidden destruction to create a secret society.


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