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Order a Liberal BACON Burger Please...

So let's talk the parties. ~Politics, that is.  When I want a Liberal in the White House, I should get that.  When I order up a conservative in the President's House, I should get that also.

 We Americans need to stop treating our politics like a one-solution-fits-all approach.  We should always "order up" a liberal after 'a Bush' makes us broke over night.  We should be able to "order up" a conservative when times are good and the economy is growing. Instead, we get 'quilted or guilt-ed' into being a liberal or a conservative.

There is a fellow by the name of Sir Francis Bacon. He is probably the one guy who ordered up the Scientific Method. Sometimes called the 'Baconian' Method. In the Bacon idea, there are four caves. Tribal, Personal, Semantic, and Dogmatic.

TPSD. DogS Time to Pee. Yeah, I am using the hated anagram with odd vowels approach here. (William Shakespeare = I am a weakish speller.) You can make your own word or sentence for the 4 cave idea.

This cave idea must have 'caved in' on him while debating people more educated and less educated. So he found some common ground in bad arguments. This is their bad cave logic moments. These cave ideas for reaching improper conclusions fell within certain limits in the cultural tribe biases.

 Cultural-Tribal, Personal-Axe grinder, Sound alike talk or word smiths and finally the Entrenched or stake holders. These ideas are explored very well in the book Moneyball and depicted excellently in the movie of the same name. The Bacon guy knew his brain pork.

When I eat a ham-burger one day and the fish the next, no one says to me, "Hey, what are you doing in my fish restaurant; aren't you a red meat eater?"  We need to put into office the person we need for the situation that we need it. To get the American people from one place to the next or A to B politically.

Right now, we order a conservative and we get Bush.  A non conservative.  We order a liberal and we get Barrack, a non liberal.  Both parties President's bomb innocents (collateral damage) with tomahawks missiles and aerospace weapons.  That's the ultimate truth.  We bomb innocents and then we pray for protection for America, against all enemies foreign and domestic.  Believe me, I wish the "The Powers in the heavens" were not amused. 

"I fear for my country because I know that God is just." -Thomas Jefferson

So the next time we "vote," think about ordering what you need for your particular regional state.  Voting not just what you need personally.  We should not "order," I mean vote, our heart.  That's stupid. 
 I never 'feel' it's time to eat a steak or order a salad.  I don't feel it's time to buy a car or a home.  I do those things based on what I make or my means at the time of the purchase.

So go into the Voting Booth and order a President.  Not just the one listed that's popular.  There are other ones listed on the ballot.  Throwing your vote away doesn't really happen.

Liberals believe in regulation.  Conservatives don't want regulation???  What the hell is going on?
Can there really be a third party....?

Whether it be a Tea or Green or just a Green-Tea Party?


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