What the hell?  Flip-Flops everywhere.  I cannot go anywhere in this nation without seeing people's toes.  What gives?  If you are at the Airport wearing these supposed shoes you should be out(fly)lawed. 

The terrorist love them.  Flip-flops I mean.  They see Flip-Flops, they know this guy or gal, can't act in a timely manner.  You can't stop the 'casseroles' on the airplanes from taking it over, if you wear these little foot badges of 'loser-dumb'

--The Flip-Flop.

Now don't get me wrong, my wife wears flip-flops all the time and she looks damn sexy in them.  She is a sex machine in a tight fitting pair of demon denim jeans and flip-flops.  Something about tight blue jeans and then a sexy bare foot, get me going.  Like the character who plays Billy Bean's ex-wife on Moneyball.  A white pair of jeans and no shoes WOW!  Hubba-hubba!

But getting back to the topic at hand.  I cannot understand how people can travel in new and different airports with the very unprotected Flip-Flop.  Please help me a second.  What's the point?  You can take off your shoes more easily?  Or you don't know that toes are meant to be covered. 

Now if I am standing in my backyard and attending to the pool or helping Max with some new vermin that entered the property then of course --Flip-Flop up!  Damn it!

When you are at the Airport there should be no flip-flops!  I don't want to see you get your little toes hurt on the millions of stuff at the airport you can stub your toe on!  Yes, I am mad about over flip-floppi-ness. 

Yes, I know you are more comfortable and many other reasons for this choice of foot attire.  But this is not  good.  I work in the Aerospace business when I am not blogging or wasting time on You tube educating myself on the million conspiracy stories out there.  I asked this question among Engineers and Tech personal alike.  And the answer I got back was yes,

"I don't want people wearing flip-flops on planes." 

They took this stance from the logic, that if there was an emergency landing or worse they could react in some way better than trying to run and help their fellow man  by wearing flip-flops! 

So the argument went like...if they were latent super heroes and had to act upon the eminent danger they could do that strange act of saving in a shoe better designed for the task.  The flip-flop is a loser shoe.  If you don't want to help your fellow man by all means where it.

Their argument broke down a bit when Superman was brought into the discussion.  Since the Man of Steel cannot get hurt. Why doesn't he just wear flip-flops.  I pictured a great Man of Steel costume donned by a pair of the most magnificent metallic flip-flops.  The Super toes coursing with Kryptonic fashion the greatness of his foot digits.  This argument of Super heroes or just heroes don't wear flip-flops, started to work on them. 

"Fire fighters don't wear them and the military doesn't go in battle with a pair of toe revelers.  So why should I don a pair of silly flip-flops when travel thousands of miles into unknown territory???" 

Yes, I was winning the flip-flop fight, it was all but history. 

Then they all remembered the TSA agents.  And the security check in procedures.  And seeing people having to sit down and put on their shoes again.  And they all said,
 "Nay, to much trouble.  I will be wearing my flip-flops."

So I blame you TSA agents and most namely Al-ky-daaumb terrorists.  You win again.  The reason was convenience.  The only reason was a '7-11 convenience' because of 9-11 asymmetrical warfare tactics placed upon us.  So their want to show their sexy little toes, wins.  For convenience sake!  It was  just too damn hard to put their shoes back on!  Damn it , damn them all to hell! 

When I travel, and stride the airport with pride holding my shoulders high and my bags, for NOT wearing my 'Al-ky-daaumb' flip-flops but my 'Super-hero Vader-Nikes.'  I will remember all the losers who when time is needed for an emergency action the flip-floppers were not prepared.  The funny thing is I don't have a regular supply of water or rice or a stock of batteries for home emergencies but they-- those flip-flop nation guys probably do.  Thanks, Orville and whatever the other guy's name was for inventing great popcorn and making flying sound like a safe notion.  So safe perhaps, that almost everyone I see with my 'airport eyes' at the terminal wears flip-flops!

"Oh, look there is a sexy girl standing in line at the Braniff counter.  (Yeah it's not a real airline anymore.) I wonder what her feet look like, "Oh she is wearing hot Hugg boots instead.  Never mind flip-flop nation.  Hot Hugg boots out wears sexy including the hated flip-flop. 

If this girl is my future wife, she will have to wear her Hugg boots the rest of her sexy life.  Especially if her feet are nasty.  BTW, making love with my Vader-Nikes and her hot Huggs boots on very fun, try it.  Me Mikey likey, it is so very nicey.

 And no my wife's feet are not ugly but the sexy and the hottest around any DFW Terminal D walkway.  She loves flip-flops and I watch her sexy feet, constantly. 

But at the airport, NOT!!!! 


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