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Kali-Ma Alcohol for the Y-EAR!

Well by now my wife is a staple of this blog.  She tried of me writing this blog and coming up with all this crap that leads nowhere except to the truth about most things.  All the people who read this will no doubt say,

"I am full of it but they agree and learn something from it."

Please stop typing that stupid blog! 

This is the majority.  The subjects covered here are not their cup of tea.  They just want to go through life believing they know how most things work.  For the percentage of people actually looking for a real 'friend,' not just a Facebook friend, or a new way of understanding a concept, well you landed in the right place. 

The ONE percent, I am talking to you.  Ok, I give you NINE percent.  Not because it's accurate but it looked better on the page in all CAPs.  My wife is not on board with conspiracy, or talking about anything that doesn't relate to her world.  I bet most people are about the same. 

"Don't involve me, besides how do you know  all of this stuff anyway?" 

Most people when confronted with a new way of thinking just say whatever or start attacking the messenger.

The Messenger attack is most common.

A.  "How do you know? 

B.  "What the hell business is it of yours? 

C.  "What do I care?"

Those were the Top Three Alcohol blockers:

The faction  who read this and put all of these things into practice 'will be' greatly rewarded.  For the false doctrines swilling in their heads will start to dribble out and down their ear lobes.  Like some pool water left over from swimming when your head is turned sideways.  That water needs some alcohol to help it dribble out.  This blog is that alcohol. 

If you pour some in then let's see what comes out of your head?  The dirty wax of old ideas or a idea you had and liked put   into effect and not seen the profit of it, yet.  A idea you have been holding to for too long. 

Well if you are being mind read by this blog then you made it. 

Life is not difficult you just didn't get the right information yet. I am been "trying' since I was sixteen to write my great American novel.  "VEIN." I already have sequels and spin-offs in my head created and waiting.  But there is just one thing stopping me.  Writing the Sci-If Novel "Vein." I have spent hours working on this book and writing and rewriting.  But I get distracted.  Sound familiar???  To get me going I started writing about things that were bothering me.  So this Blog was born. 

So I started reading books or watch a television shows that taught me how the world really works.  Knowing how things work always helps.  They clean the clutter of false ideas and myths out.  Or make you go, What that can't be right?  Then eventually you will go look it up (In a Library) or at least 'Google it.'

Kail-Ma is a dark goddess who would 'eat up' time.  Or destroyed the world.  Yeah, the Cal-en-dar.  The dark goddess.  Other variations: 'Kalenderees', 'Kalanemi.'  The passage of time, we cannot control our life, I mean our wives or spouses.

My wife, she is pretty much figured it all out.  And loves to walk in circles.  But most people do it.  If you think you don't, well you are not from the planet earth.  It's the calendar year it is a great big circle that goes nowhere.  We think we are in one year at a time but we are not in any of those years.  This great circle of life  or 'circular life' is what my wife thinks she was put here on earth to do.  Just follow the times of the times.  Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, Labor day that begins her school year.  Then  Halloween and Thanksgiving. The day of Turkeys. That's probably about right.  Well then it's back to Christmas.  Well I begin the year on Dec. 25th  because this is when most business gets in the 'black'.  For the financial year, that is. 

So to me, the beginning of the wonderful American  'Tat race' Dec 25 Christmas. Without it, you would just be sitting there making fires and eating bark.  Or painting bark 'green and engraving' faces on them.  Like civilized men do.  We have nothing in common with cave people, right?  But don't think for heavens sake lets not do that!

"Who goes there?" She shout in grunts and snarls of unintelligible words the cave man speak.  But only to other stupid cave males and females. ~But with the great American Tat race '4 the Calendar' there are side effects with any good remedy.

Other people.  Other people, are always trying to get one over on you.  Whether that's the Democrats or the Republicans or the Terrorists or the local door-2-door sales man.  They all are messing with 'your' American dream.  But what is that dream?  Go in circles?  Go in circles, until the person with the most money and most toys wins or dies? 

Well that's for me, I found out... forgetting why this Tat-rat race exists in the first place.  To control you or to be controlled by it, through money or power. 

So in the case of, well my wife she tries to do both to me almost everyday.  So in a reaction of that control, I write.  And I write.  Because in my wife's eyes well I am always, wrong.  And if I am seen to be wrong it's time to fix me, all I hope is that we end up in the Boom-Boom room! 

That's Atrocity speak for dark Kail's Comma or the Bedroom, period.


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