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ASAP of Forever--it's all your SALT.

The river of time is more like ice flowing over the edge and falling in big chucks into the salty sea.  Antarctica is like this and will always be--ice time forever and ever.  A-mend.

You can reverse time.  Because it's granule.  The nature of time is like salt pouring out.  You can reverse it if you can contain it--like salt. 

The beginning is not the beginning but what happens after it all happened.  Yes it all happened.  Time is the grains of sand on a sunny beach it is the result of the end of life.  But as it compresses and becomes granite then rocks and then lava-- again then comes back to the surface.  What was encoded in it-- the death cycles of all living things springs back-- in it's sweet time. 

We have probably been here before you and I. I writing and you reading.  Reading for the first and last time over and over.  It may have taken you a scant five minutes to read this far but it's probably eons of time--if all added all up. 

There is not enough hours to do anything and all the time in the world to do-- everything.

 Time is not the enemy but an assistant.  This a-sister that  flows over and over like water over a cliff, which forms a stream and sometimes the falls.  Like Niagara Falls.

Once Niagara froze solid and time seem to stand still.  If you gaze at the black and white picture long enough it seems to start to flow and re-freeze again.  In the picture.  Our minds wants it to flow---we don't know what else it can do.  But freeze that's impossible.  But there it is frozen and the impossible however improbably-- happens or happened or is just about to---

Time is not water or salt but it's granular and can be controlled and is controlled whether we know it or not.  We are in control whether we believe in a creator or not.  Time is what time is what can be achieved at the flick of a switch or a flick of the eye lash-- of a tiny Chinese baby.  Left in the streets of  a small village all alone, with large cherubic cheeks-- crying because it feels--alone.

The feeling of alone is not what we believe is time but loss.  So we associate loss with time.  People say---time is lost.  Or  Don't lose time here. 

We are obsessed with what we cannot control.  The drop and grains of time that flow for us and most of the time over us. 

So we think we cannot stop the flow or reverse it. There is a lot made about reverse speech on the internet. The false prophets state that your true meaning can be found if you reverse someone's speech.

But you can.  Yes you Can.  Yes we can.  If your reverse it says to how ears---Serve Satan.  If you reverse 'Serve Satan' it says to our ears---'Yes we can.'  This happens not just for the President but everyone who says aloud---Yes we Can!

Time and words are like a cell in a prison. We see who is in charge, The guards of censorship and not enough time to deal with real issues. We refuse to bribe or confront the guards of time and censorship with words or hours and win the argument to have him set us free by unlocking our cell of life.

 My English professor told me never end a sentence with a preposition.  Well professor I will obey because before in some other Blog of time in the past-- I must have not obeyed.

And I DO give a damn about that.  Prepositions and Time both diverge and can be altered.  Whether you are sitting there reading this at the airport on your portable device while a baby-- cries. 

You are having this distortion in time right now as a outer body experience, a surreal prediction-- because I somehow predicted your future-- before and I don't even know you--

The river of time is more like ice flowing over the edge and falling in big chucks into the salty sea.  Antarctica is like this and will always be--ice time forever and ever.  A-mend.

It doesn't matter if atoms explode inside of a star or on the surface of a virgin world.  If two hundred thousand people are snuffed out or one child is hurt by a falling piece of star dust.  The Universe and time does not care and we are the only ones that do. 

So reverse time today and maybe some one will live and then give you credit for saving us--- all.  As new ice falls into the sea and new cells live in a briny sea of DNA then dies and it's remains is carried to your gently tapping foot on a hot Caribbean beach.  Then after millions of years that sand you touched carried away with it a tiny microscopic cell which in turn became rock and the magma-- again.

 This was thrust on to the surface of an earth millions of years into the future.

From that cell you deposited unknowing so many eons ago into the sand springs for new life on a barren lava cooling world where Sea water this time fresh and not salty splashes.  Carrying out your new life into the sea to begin the long journey back to your glorious foot on that wonderful vacation called your-- time. 

Time can be reversed because it's granular and that is all.  See-- for it is simple as-- salt.

(P.S.--this reads better to the Inception Soundtrack--softly in the background.)


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