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50.50-- Arnold Palmer of Truth???

The world of 50 percent off / half and half is all around us. 

 Half-cafe, half and half milk, I don't want full milk just a little bit of the good stuff in me.  Vampires and weird heroines-- half creatures of the night and half good gals.  A killer and murdered of half men we call-- our children-- but it's called 'Erra-tainment.'

No one makes a decision it's all-- consensus. If we all can agree that is?  Not even our authors writing made up novels about 'hi-bread' characters-- all half dead, half alive terrors that go bump-- only at sunset before it gets too dark and scary.

  What is all this Half stuff?  How about a full dose of something--once?

 My kid said to me, thinking she was 'explaining things'-- to me like Lucy explaining things to her half Cuban-half American husband.
"She only kills kids, to keep herself alive--dad??"
"Huh?" My mind and heart wonders.

Or like my dad--you call him 'My father' who arn't in heaven-- says,
...with a smirk wearing a golf shirt he bought at Walmart for nine bucks,
"...regular fifty bucks-- great deal! Huh, son?"  as he dusts some weird powder off his new bargain shirt.

"Give me half tea and lemonade please?" Still dusting.
"Huh?"  My mind---reels.

"Yeah --The Arnold Palmer." 
This is the one golfer who has changed the world.  And of course-- not just the golf-course but the very course of history.  And even the Course 101 taught in school.  The school of half things done half as bad. That's all.

"I like half science and half-- the bible."
 That statement reminds me of a scene from the Movie-- Patton.

"Well General how do you like Morocco?" A local asks.
"I love it---it's part Hollywood and the Bible." Patton responds with a smirk.

This is the essence of today.  Half the people believe in one thing the other half believe in something else.  This half and half began in the 2000 election.

But probably back when America was still sorting itself out--there were half Tories and Wigs parties.  And no one could decide a thing.  Until a man name Jefferson came along and became President under a confused and corrupt situation that would make the 2000 election-- look tame.

This was the greatest display-- to the world, the 2k election, what America was really like---an giant, rich Arnold Palmer.  Not a hole in one guy, not a-- 'shoot from the hip maverick' but a guy who could hang in there over and over.  So much so, that he invented a drink to match his crappie life style. 

The Arnold Palmer half tea and half lemonade?  His clothes were the same half confused and solid.  His shirt usually solid color and his pants not so---this guy came into full focus-- when my father who is not a sports nut or knows nothing about golf started for no apparent reason, ordering a Arnold Palmer???

I asked, "--what?"

"I want an Arnold Palmer?"

"Huh?  What is that?"  And then he told me---

This half and half culture was predicted not in a Nostradamus passage but I guess who cares--it is probably in there for example EG,
"In the late of the afternoon a man with a steel club shall swing himself into a public notion of part dark water and light of lemony scent." Nostram-dames quadrate 4: verse whatever the sh$t???

No, it is in the bible---about a certain church who's characteristics would be fence sitting.  Or sticking something up their somewhere-- type people.

You call them--sticks in the mud.  I call the B&Bs.
These are the characteristics of the B&Bs, the Baby Boomers.  It sounds like honey-moaner but it not it's just baby boomer.  Not a church.  But the Boomers of Doom-say

They are the half and halves of a lifestyle gone bad. People tell me they are what drives the economy. Well with all that driving around aimlessly-- is what is driving this country half-crazy.  Half happy and half sad and the other half-- well, confused.  I know there is not, three halves but like in Ice Hockey and Medicare there are always three half baked opinions. 

We all  saw this one summer where--they, thought that health care was called Medicare and it was not from--the government???  Just this new Obama-care was from the Big G.  They were not-- just that stupid.  They just-- did not want-- the rest of us to get what they have already---SSN payments and health care for nothing.

It was like that funny song, 
"Money for nothing and chicks for free--I want my, I want my MTV!" 

I have seen good Engineers who are very productive, volunteer and leave the work force because of a little SSN check-- their going to cash??? 

Huh?  Leave a job that pays over 'Eighty-kaye' a year, 4-1-- that pays that same 80k maybe over SiX or SEVEN years??  This is the essence of the half and half-- the Arnold Palmer culture.  Now people are stating,

"I believe half in science and half in the bible?"
Just like General Patton--funny, huh?
"I love Morocco---it reminds me of Hollywood and the Bible."

Morons from Morocco!
We are raising children with this same half confused state.
"I am a liberal but I want going back to conservative values and get married like the ---?"
"Huh?" My mind reels over and over.

"I want equality for all but not for people, that disagree with me--well I don't like- republicans?"
"Huh?" Again still--reeling.

This is the weird mantra now being spoke, typed and written about all over social media.  BTW, these are the same type people that tell me,

"S-He is not a full vampire-dad!  SHe is half vamp!"

"Huh?" my mind-- 

"I want liberal behavior as long as no one gets hurt?
As soon as we kill someone to save a country-- I am out."

"What the freaking---?" My reaction probably yours--

A person being interviewed on a news channel 'felt bad' after he released his weapon on a terrorist hiding building and saw a kid running back behind the building at the last minute.  He had to tell the media guy,

"What kind of government would pay him to release a weapon?"
  "Huh?" Again for the millionth time my mind reels.

What is going on here?  The guy who is in the military feels bad?  He thought he was saving people when he joined the Pentagon?  What a crock of sh#t!  This is what I am talking about.

The essence of half and half.  We want a job---but please don't tell me to get to work!  This is what is going on here, my friends.  All around us is the half and half culture don't be deceived or duped.
  It is all around us.

How about in movie reviews.  I cannot get anyone to tell me after
they have seen a movie whether they liked it or not? 

 "--You saw the movie right?"

"Well then how was it?"
"Well-- I don't want to spoil it, for you." 

"Huh?  Spoil.  Is it any good?"
"Well, you might like it?" 

"Huh?  Did you like the-- g#ddamn-- movie?!"
"Now you are getting me mad and I won't tell you--!"

This is the essence of what happens to me on a daily basis.  In all subjects and in all arenas.  No one can be an authority on anything?  Except Blood Moons and half the sun falling off one afternoon back in July of 2013.  And I never heard about it until today!  What the hell is going on?

Arnold Palmer please be a great golfer not just one who lays it up!  I want a Tin Cup character in my life---one who tries to tilt against wind mills.  And minds to make a hole in one--from forever away--beating not just the water hazard and the wind from the gods but also proving to himself there are- Titans.

"Still in the land there are Titans." Say in a hushed tone to yourself and you will start to believe--again. 
"There is-- Titans." 

Not just a crappie drink with half tea and half lemons.

Art and Atrocity way the blank out!


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