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FIB of the Golden IMAX!

When you go to a movie theater these days.  You are confronted with a choice.  IMAX 3D or regular screens.  It's all funny.  Because after you get the movie going your mind does not care about 16x9 versus 4x3.  But I do.  When I go to a theater I see the whole screen not just the insides of the frame.  Most movie goers watch the insides only.  When a movie is really well made then I will be absorbed by the story.  That is few and far in between.  I noticed this with the introduction of IMAX to Hollywood movies.

 The screen would go to IMAX and back down again.  And it was taking me out of the movie.  I talked to others about this and they did not notice it.  So when I went with them.  I said see that-- now that.  They were not happy with me showing them that.
 They started to feel ripped off.  I was not telling them about it so they could feel ripped off.  This was a strange thing about the information.  I was telling them that because real IMAX movies are usually boring.  There is a reason.  IMAX does not lie.  All movies are shot in 4x3 and the masks "black bars" on top and bottom create the frame.  This is true everywhere.  We need black bars to make the image theatrical.

 16x9 is not Fibonacci but it's close 1.777777 One Chevron to rule them all!  (Fib is 13x8=1.625)

The 1-1-2-3-5-8 is a number sequence. That is not in order but can be arrived by playing number games. 5/3=1.666~~!  What?  Yeah.  The old beast rises his head here.  Well Orgies and Fibonacci are related.  1-1 and who have Adam and Eve.  Make two women and one man you have a 3-way.  The trinity.  Yeah, it's an Orgy number 3 with biological systems.  If two get pregnant you have 5 now!
  See how this works and it always has been working to keep us here.  The moral way kills us off??  Yeah, if Adam was waiting for another man to mate with we all die or not live in the first place.  So is this a anti-gay message?  No.  Two lesbians can make a heterosexual-woman by parthenogenesis.  This is factual but very rare.  But can and does happen.  Still don't believe me? 

16 was the optimal bride age.  Not too long ago.  We just think it was a long time ago.  For survival the optimum time to have a offspring and raise it before the mother dies of starvation or whatever virus or rock slide. (Watch The Croods on Netflix!)  The problem-- fatter 16 year old females do this better than skinner ones.  Yes, cave people like fat woman.  So skinny ones were 'dying' to get in Glamour magazines not Parenting magazines.  This caused a cave fat craze.

Once again- just one problem-- not enough food!  So we were all too skinny.  So child infant mortality rates climb in heavy and skinny societies???  This caused a great wail for many many thousands of years. Until Agriculture was born.

These 'Agriculture' games are played on a unsuspecting public to elicit a response that we please the masses and salesman who prompt it.  A good salesman will tell you things you did not know to elicit a response.  This response will get you to engage with, him or her, so is to get you on a path.  At the proper moment and not a minute too soon-- the salesman will try to close you. 

Bad salesman-- don't ever close you. But keep saying---but wait there is more!  This is not an attempt to entice you but to close you because sales on TV are not reading your reactions.  So they induce a reaction on the viewing screen to clearly start you on the path of close.  To aggravate the closer is the point and then finally delve the closer, that's you, having been prompted to get you about-- five minutes ago.  Only the ones who hang on that long-- will buy.

Most turn it off at-- but wait there is more!  And some tune in at wait there is more.  The bad salesmen cannot close. So they force you not to get the item.  Until you are begging them too.  This is not what we like but we are accustomed to-- a bad sales person.  Because they are many.  Few are good what what they do.  So few have all the money.  Few are good at sales.  So they will inherit-- the dollar. 

We wish not to understand that the Universe is a great salesman.  The Fibonacci begs you to answer the question who made it???  So the God people, 'atheists' look after a sign. Christians are too looking desperately after a sign?

Britney Spears says it best, "Show me a sign--Baby hit me one more time."

She spells out what the bible writers were getting at--Babylon.  We all come from Babylon and they knew about Fibonacci.  It's not new.  That they knew.  They did not call it that-- of course.  Their Ziggurats were a place of worship and surely did not inhabit the 1-1-2-3-5-8 design. 

The steps that go to heaven are Seven and the Chevron. 

But not in the design-- is the opposite of Fibonacci the exact opposite.  1-2-3-4-5-6-7 and the opposite Negative minus 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.  Scholars of Iraq are calling the seven Hells, a feature of their belief system.  The Chevron goes below and above.  At the top of their "pyramid" system was engraved the four corners of the world.  The Constellations of the sky.  Facing the way of N--E--W--S and Babylon would transmit the NEWS to the world!  What is the good news.  It's not from the bible but Babylon.  The writers say beware of Babylon because that's where we all got it.  The "god" that spoke to them in the night was Baby-lon Empire the activity was captivity.  We are the captives and loving it!

We love pizza delivery and the Super Bowl.  Don't ask me-- ask the numbers.  TV ratings and advertisements tell you this.  Monster dot come was launched on the Super Bowl.  We are the monsters.  Just like Lady Gaga says...

"My little monsters."

The great-- Fib of Fibonacci-- is that it's not new and it's known to be in nature.  In rabbits and trees.  No, not in sea shells by the sea shore.  Yeah, it's true!  But by natural selection.  The leaves below cast shadows so they did not produced in the first place.  The reaction of chlorophyll to sunshine is producing the Fibonacci claim.  By optimization.  In other words, plants learn.  The bad learners die out!  We cannot count the dead.  The one, not produced in the first place.  So what is left is 3-5-8 and so on-- we are being duped by a sign.

"And evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign."

Unless we all die.  And stop being evil little monsters in the first place. ~Fib has got us coming and going.  In brick building and not in the Pyramids.  The extra course in colleges and brick walls???  Yes.  It's related. 

It is in the created poetry of man (Sanskrit), rabbits and trees.  So then who made rabbits and trees???  Yeah--hum the Fib poetry.  The chicken or the egg?  "Forget-it" there was just a man and two brides!  Believe it or not. 

The study of rabbits and trees leads you to the truth.  We are in a circle and vicious circle of creating and repeating.  Higher and higher each time.  The Indians say its the fifth world.  More like the five billionth world!  The last and the greatest.  We are what the others are calling the greatest generation.  To choose of our free will---the Chains of 1-1-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89!  Life!  Death has no ratio.

So the next time you go to the 'Sin-a-plex'-- ask for the 16x9 screens.  It's not Fibonacci but it's much closer and of course a lot cheaper.  Let the dunces 4 duces, like me, pay the extra bucks to see it in "IMAX" 1.333333!!!

Atrocity-- broad smiling with his 3D shades on!


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