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Dry Sky and All Cough

"Behavior boys.  Behavior."  

A dark- hot- very tan Social Studies teacher once stated as she stared coldly and most alluringly.  Ms Frank, had long leggy calves, awesome flowing brunette locks and a grand deep personality to boot.  Believe me-- we all wanted to boot her.  With all her God given ass-sets and strong thick all natural 'tatas.' 

"Yeah, I mean-- melons.  Those sweet ripe cantaloupes could have made millions." 

She was 'big' on behavior.  She clicked her red heels together straighten her tight black blouse and snapped us all to attention right then and there and then stated flatly--

"Behavior boys, behavior."

She was a dream for all adolescents male and female but Allergies? They are just a dream and definitely not real. (Yeah, not much of a segue but hell when a blouse pops open there isn't much notice given.)

"Yeah I said it.  They are not." 

They are a real infection of our minds.  We are not allergic to anything except ourselves.  We get things because of behavior.  I cannot catch anything just because it's airborne.  We love to listen to doctors who prescribe any drug and say,

"You have an allergy. Dry Sky and All Cough for a few days until it rains." they say. Doctor's are just like Ms. Frank to us, they 'serve up' two solutions for just about every thing. A seduction of diagnoses.

 When I had was an infection and not an allergy.  What is the difference you might ask--sniffle comrade?  Well an allergy is a particle that floats or falls into something.  We cannot get bread to rise without an allergy of the dough to rise and create a product we are calling-- fermentation.  Check out--(FIB of the Golden IMAX for more details.)

Without fermentation we would not exist to get sniffles in the first place.  Then the 'allergen' works it's way through our nose or body much like the bread dough.  We, the body, starts to fight it off but all we get is an infection.  The symptoms of this attack is the coughing and sneezing and at worst a fever.  The body responses the same to just about every attack.

It's-- the body's Pentagon it is not too-- imaginative.  It just throws the same old guys on the infection.  White blood cells.  This is why a person with low white blood cells can die from an allergen.  This happens all the time.  We are not allergic to anything but ourselves.  The body uses it's "immune system" which does not really exist.  If you call sending white blood cells and then sneezing, coughing, 'shitting' and then finally cooking ourselves to death-- to get rid of the infection, an immune system.  We, humans, are good at naming things but nothing else.  Once we have an name for our sickness then the drug attack is on!

The weather is causing all the real allergies.  But the actual cause is not what is being sprayed in our skys???  The air is not free.  And never has been, Chapter Nitrogen the real stuff! 

It turns out the body is not very good at getting rid of an infection once it starts.  If you are vile, you could make it through a bout of flu or allergen but then there are so many different strands and particles floating about.  The body doesn't do well to massive change or attack.  One of two things happen and then the body can 'stop it.' 

But more than two things and you-- "...get sick..." Well that's what your doctor says. 

They, the doctors, too are not very good at fixing the problem.  They just-- like the body, have one weapon for just about everything.  Drugs and or surgery.  Sounds like two but no they are both one of the same.  Are they the same? The same as watching Ms. Frank sneeze and bounce--
" Lord have mercy on me!"

 Destroy and cut out what offends you.  This can and does save your life  but to what end? 

If you think your behavior has not infected you and a 'pill or a person' can save you every time you "get sick" then you will continue with the same attitudes and behavior thus getting a chronic infection every time the wind blows-- literally.  We the humans are not good at adaptation as much as science wants to believe.

Mass extinctions can and do happen.  We are not mortal as much as fragile at 'multi-tasking' attacks. 
The mightiest of men are now suffering concussive damage to their brains and it's riddling their bodies.  Was this their behavior that hurt their brains or is science to blame for not curing them after they played football all of their child and adult lives???  A question to ponder. 

Mr Atrocity-- does not enjoy no solutions but this time it's the mirror, again.
The solution to most things is-- us. 

"Us-- is no solution."  We state to ourselves most of the time. 
"Not me, it's just not me-- this-- time!"  Remember dark Hot Teach...

"Behavior boys.  Behavior." 

Well, I know if you are still reading this you are saying, I have "blah-blah" term a name science gave me to make you believe Mr. Atrocity-- that I have a diagnoses.  But they scientists are just good at naming things.  See Web and Space Spiders Pt 1.

They are not good at telling us to not get stuck in the mud.

Drink Whole milk not that 2 percent mess.  And -Apple or Orange- yourself occasionally with that Starbucks!  Vitamins-- hate them! Unless you what to lose weight???  Yeah, Chapter Diet and Congress next installment!

Yes, infections are like quicksand. Once you are in you cannot get out---by ourselves!!!  But you can, by ourselves, avoid the sand trap in the first place.  So a lot of people start changing their diets.  That did not work.  Then it's their exercise patterns.  That works for a while-- but a plateau occurs and then sick again.

What it must be?  I wonder?  Well it's you silly.  It's you and it always has been you.  What?  Yeah. You are good at getting into sand traps and need a drug to drag you out of the quick sand.  You are calling this 'dragging out'-- a cure.  No one says,

  "Stop going into the same old sand trap."

They don't want to point fingers.  Blame is not a game with us or the medical community just in politics.  The grand 'trinity of places' in a field of grass-- is the same 'one place' where the 'blame game' is most successful would be with our-- three individual behaviors.

Past , Present and you know---The Futura! (See, Great is the RED HEAD for more details!)

But no, not this time.  We must say to the Babylonian clay Ten commandments,
"Adios." a Spanish word, for 'F- it.'

But of course, Mr. Artrocity you are painting with the same red broad brush as those you accuse of most inaccuracies.  Of course I am.  That's because the broad brush is activity.  Human activity. 

I am not saying stop your behavior but IDENTIFY it!!!  That's all.  Identify it!!  If you want to stick a needle in your behind by all means do it!  So sniff a line of allergen you know to be toxic for you,

 by all means--sniff, sniff away. 

 Especially if Ms. Frank opens her black blouse and produces those two tanned 'tatas' while saying,

"Behavior boys, behavior."

BTW, get a good Air filter for your home and screens for your A/C-- if you got one.  If you don't get air filter you just became one.


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