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100 percent MAN vs 100 percent WOMAN equals--???

Cough, cough---clearing the throat a little here. When talking about the opposite sex it can get a little hairy here---please lend me some latitude or altitude---here. When watching the film Edge of Tomorrow in Harkins Theater at the Cine Capri-- in Southlake, TX. I could not help but realize this is a grand stage for the battle of the sexes.

When there is a battle of the sexes on the screen you would want a 'sexy tight' couple with good looks and tightly fitted clothes and nice smiles.  We might think of two people dressed in the latest fashion of 'Parda' both male and female, top of the food chain and full of their claim of outright but still earned-- success.

 This is the essential backdrop to say, "... that a Man is better than a Woman."
  Or the opposing view,  heaven forbid, that a Woman is absolutely better than a beastly man.  This way of scoring is not good logical, where a female can only win by beating a man at his own game. Surely there are other more grander ways to account for an apples 2 apples comparison?

 We saw this play out in the 2008 election where a woman the presumptive president of the United States was campaigning seemingly unopposed but her only real opponent was a newly elected black Senator from Chicago.  In America of 2008 a woman president could not even trump the heavy uneasiness of US racism in the continuous American states over grand male chauvinism.

MC beats Race.  Who in America would have believed a black man can be president over a former first lady??? We should have come out of the 2008 election all like mini-James Bond's (in Gold Finger) slapping all women on the behind and saying to her and any other future candidate.

The Presidency is still --" Man stuff, darling---see ya later--maybe tomorrow, 2016? "

This battle of the sexes does happen and does play out everyday.  These funny sex filled anecdotes are a thing of old hat in a Church setting laughing at the grand differences between Man and Woman or Husband vs Wife.  This of course leaves out the one thing I witnessed on the silver screen yesterday.

And old movie to watch that got a lot of accolades from the Hollywood crowd was the great film-- Kramer vs Kramer---this set the stage of the divorce rate in America from the seventies because it showed the process of 'd-constructing' your marriage if you lived in the middle class of the late seventies and early eighties.

In the movie Edge of Tomorrow it was an awesome play out of the battle of the sexes.  This movie surprised me not only by it's ending-- but also it's futuristic Normandy type invasion sequences.  The timing of the movie being released near if not on June 6 1944 anniversary seemed odd and not lost on me.

Operation Neptune or D-Day for you 'history majors' out there. Or maybe you know it from the historic battle sequences in opening of Steven Speilberg's masterpiece---Saving Private Ryan. And yes, I am talking down to the I-tunes movie generation out there reading and posting in Insta-gram.

BTW, I was told Tumblr is 'pass-aye' already and Facebook is-- well in the dinosaur category??? Things are moving so fast in social media front that it is absolutely head spinning much like the great action in the sci-fi movie--Edge of Tomorrow.

 The Social Media addicts are now looking down their proverbial "smart" devices over my ancient 'flip-phone' sentimentality view of 'recent' history even of the last century or even the last thousand years. I am well aware how out of touch I am with the current crop of 19-30 years olds being targeted and only marketed to in American cinemas today.

 Just in case the-- ' Eye-phone know it all crowd ' --those that have an ear, let hear them hear or maybe just your index fingers-- to educate yourselves of the grandest battle set before us all!

Male vs Female
Male vs Female ( this denotes animal resources not homo-sapiens like us--BTW, that's why it is voluntary to give to your future employer on a any job application. If you haven't noticed.)

Sex vs Xes
 (The word Sex comes from Greek notation it is spelt XES and has the number of 6-60-600. This numeric sequence, is not letter but math that comes from Greece. The entire bible was translated into Greek and then translated via the great English writer-- William Tyndale.
--- Before they burned him at the stake.) 

The battle of the Male versus the Female. Will have to listen to this since we all have parents of different sexes-- still.  Until science starts making only test tube babies someday in the coming THX-1138 future.

  The battle of the sexes between the Eclipse of the Sun and Moon...the previously controversial same sex battle.

  All are engaged in the marriage of the battle against their opposite privates.  When you enter the Army you are called a Private.  This is the bottom rank and  it denotes you only have your privates to control for now until you get a battle field promotion.

  Men believe in this grand promotion plot when they engage in  dating or marry the opposite sex. These promotions to happen at the wedding day. But not beyond. Few Brides to be-- think beyond the day, they are just filled with hope. This hope slowly erodes into the stark reality that her prince is just-- a man. And no prince charming. This fairy tale hope will always fade into a real emotion. Once the pom and circumstance and the trappings of success finally starts to fade. This is the truth of a heterosexual relationship. I cannot speak for anything else, except to say,

Just a warning---the mind can and does play tricks even on the most educated of people.
The movie shows how two can work together and still achieve their goals even if it looks futile. I just wished I had the real power of reliving my mistakes and taking a different course. Well I guess we all do it's our minds. If we start to realize our mistakes we can then change our minds or renewing our minds to a new route and thus change the very out come of our lives.

Most especially in our relationships.

So let the war of the sexes continue because there is a purpose being worked out below. Theirs-- is the mission into the madness of marriage and divorce-- over and over. Until we all-- come to the conclusion now one truly wins-- they just need to earn their mistakes and then forget them.
 Casting them into the raging fires of successful failure to achieve a moment of peace in their newly recast and supplanted lives...

Atrocity in and carrying mine---Rotor blade sword of destruction like Emily.


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