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"What the...frack-verse!"

The Path is hard and tough and sun dried without any water and no help.  People see you on the side of the road and do not help.  The help is never coming.  Never.  If you think life is about success then you never meet a successful man. The Path to success if paved with failure.  If your don't learn from failure your are definitely not going to learn from success.

The road to enlightenment does not exist.  The path to enlightenment does not exist.  Enlightenment takes no money or power or wealth.  The path of your life needs these things, money, power and wealth. But this is not needed for enlightenment.

What does exist are good intentions.  Good intentions created from the false notions of this world.  That you are born into slavery or sin and must pay to attain salvation.  So people do "good" deeds or use money, power, or wealth to correct "the past."

This is folly.  Most people do not possess money, power, and wealth.  So they do these good deeds, but really only to serve themselves.  So no one is "saved."

This system of arbitrary rules, only works when everyone knows the rules. So people go out and try to convert others to their "set of rules."  So they attempt to take over the whole world, with one set of rules to rule them all.  This of course is complete folly.  And is somewhat funny and insane.

Freedom knows no bounds.  There are no real limits on life.  The so called "universe" unfolds as it wishes.  Just as you unfold yourself every morning when you rise from slumber.  All does as it wishes.  Not everyone thinks they are doing their own will, but they most certainly are.  The Gods laugh at men worrying about their money, power and wealth.  But fill their bodies with substances that slow the only true power source they possess, their heart.

The heart is like a new star being born.  The "universe" created heart energy the same way stars ignite.  A star does not need a home or power or wealth.  It is.  It just is.  The beauty of being.  This is the great secret men carry with them.  What their heart wants, it gets.  Whether that be for "good" or evil.  Whether that be for food or power.  You cannot remake your heart anymore than a star can burn itself out before it's "fuel" is exhausted.

Men think filling their physical brains with information will produce happiness.  Or make their heart grow stronger.  But this is not possible.  Real learning is learning of the other dimension, you call the spirit.  What makes the heart stronger, is when the "spirit" is nourished.  This can only be done with very unselfish acts or very selfish deeds.

This is the only true, ying and yang as your eastern brothers would remark.  Your life is really two sides to a coin.  Heads or tails.  But Enlightenment is not throwing the coin but knowing what side will land up and what side will not.  True understanding is not acting at all but meditating on your heart and the creation all around you.  From the inside of your body all the way to the end of the "uni-verse?"

Commentary verse:

611-verse....All-verse...The One-verse.  Neo-verse.  New Dimension-verse???  Huh? 

Yeah, that's what I said, "What the...frack-verse!"


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