Web and the Space Spiders

August 19 2029 the world fell and what fell with it was all that was.  All that ever was.  We were all tricked but no one knows when.  But it happened and for some damn reason it fell.  On August 19.  People heard things like the sky was creaking or the world was telling us with some odd loud horn. 

The "Chris-se" said it was the last trump.  But they forgot what they were talking about.  "The Chris-se," I like to call them, went around preaching with their new found powers.  Turns out, I was the only one that remembered the holy books Vedic, Koran, Mormon, and Bible.  No one really knew what they were saying just repeating what their parents taught them, or something like that. 

Anyway, doesn't matter they all did not know the Bible and it's contents.  Just me, how strange. 

See when the world fell, I don't mean poetically or metaphorically.  I mean really.  The world as we knew it was the world of today.  Whatever year you currently live and it had a new president, a new congress and a new 'gover-n-mint'.  I almost forgot the 'gover-n-mint' part.  I am starting to lose my memory now.  Like the others.

 The world fell in August and the next morning it was like every other morning except the sky wasn't there, the sun wasn't there (replaced by two suns.) We all looked up and saw a vast  man-made dome that cracked and no cold space came in. 

The world we were told as kids about planets, space and moon-walks.  Oh yeah Moon-walks.  Turns out the only Moon-walk we ever did was try to do duplicate what Michael Jackson showed us. 

The moon-walk. 

Yeah, the world was hijacked by what people call the 'WEB FORCES.'  The  people of the WEB FORCES (Wf-t's I liked to call them) were not people exactly  but more like space insects.  The secret 'gover-n-mint' knew.  The day it fell in New Mexico and every one thought it was an UFO. 

"Just another UFO like before." They said. 

Before, what do you mean before?  Well it turns out the people of the WEB lived in the sky above us all the time.  But the sky was a dome of some kind protecting it's hidden cargo.  The WEB FORCES came to our planet a long time ago and encapsulated us on our own world and we forget what we all ready knew.  We were all Super.  We were all Super-heroes, now entrapped on a planet. 

Before the entrapment that we all forgot.  We walked on the Moon, invented the A-bomb and saved the world.  Or was it invented the A-bomb and walked on the moon?  Whatever, see I already 4-got.

We created the Un-verse.  After that we found out that the Un-verse was just the beginning.  There were other worlds to conquer and that's how the WEB spiders found us.  In our sleep.  Well THEY put us all to sleep at the same time. 

And when we all awoke.  Barack Insane Obama was president and we lived in a world call Amer-CIA?  It was a strange world of liars and thieves.  No one knew how it all worked.  It just did.  Conspiracy theorists were trying desperately to tell us.  But no one really listened.  Had to pay the mortgage, or pay off the car or worse College loans. 

THEY, the WEB, always invented a new scheme to entrap us, the H-E-R-O-S.  Well when I awoke in this American paradise I seem to be the only one who was really aware it seemed false. 

Well me and my brother, that is.  My brother his name was 'Neith.'(Hollywood is made of Neith wood.) 

He kept saying, when we were kids, that he could see, the air.  He could see the air?  No one in the family knew what he was talking about.  I started to believe him only many years later.  When I was an adult with kids of my own. 

What?  Oh yeah, the WEB put false memories of our childhoods and our parents in us.  No one knew at the time, the WEB world took planets over to infect everyone into believing another world was before our eyes.  Yeah - like the Matrix movies.  That was the mistake the WEB people never saw coming.  That movie began to awaken people.  A little at a time. 

Other humans called the Conspiracy Bunch.  CB for short.  I called them the taking care of business bunch.  T-COBB.  It was a pet name for them.  I listened to their crazy stories.  All ended with the ultimate conspiracy of ALIENS.  Yeah the ALIENS were real all right.  But not creatures of space imagination.  More like spiders  from a hell world.  The WEB, was what the spiders weave as they came to take our world away and deceive.

No one knew we were captured.  From the outside, we looked like a world constantly in strife and independent.  We mastered space travel and had many great armadas but they just floated out there rotting...space rotting.  When passer-buyers came to see what the latest human failing was, it was just a preprogrammed hologram at the planet level.  The real world was masked by the DOME and it was a beautiful world of blue water and white clouds.  Yeah, that's what got everyone's attention the WEB forces decided to make this world look good.  From the outside.

Whenever a space traveler came by for a 'fill-up' or supplies they were directed to one of our many space stations filled with great aliens snacks.  They asked, to see the people of the this great blue world but were turned away.  It was like a hostage crisis but no one knew it was happening or on going.  The WEB forces meet the new  space traveler 'at the door' before they could knock and say, "hello."  The WEB forces told them a convincing story of QUARANTINE.  The galactic council QUARANTINED us for the next one thousand years.  Well that happened all the time for the space travelers so they all went on, to other worlds. 

The WEB had taken 22 worlds in all and no one really knew how?  They could not remember.  It's all rather confusing and I am losing my mind slowing so ~I am writing this all down.  I am dictating to my self the history of the world, as I see it.  Well, since I seem to be the only who does remember. 

When the world fell on August 19 everyone else except for me had SUPER-POWERS.

End Of Part 1


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