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Web and the Space Spiders Pt.2

When the world fell on August 19 everyone else except for me had SUPER-POWERS.  

And they all went around terrorizing each other with these new found powers.  Turns out, I was telling them we all were HEROES before the WEB came.  I was always pointing to the broken dome over our heads.  They did not care about the broken sky and went flying around the planet acting like the guys we all grew up on, in the movies. 

Super Heroes. 

BTW, everyone claimed at first they were Superman.  They all made capes and masks or whatever Superman was supposed to look like.  I kept saying,

"If the WEB people took us over we could not trust any information about our lives or the movies we watched or anything."

They just laughed at me and said,

"The one without powers is a cry baby. ~Just IMDB it!  And they all just left me alone. 

I heard them off in the distance knocking old buildings over or whatever they could find to be a Super-Hero on.  They never were hungry and food was finally no problem anymore.  The WEB forces convinced us we were hungry in the first place. 

I remember, a strange dream, we were all real Heroes taking over the galaxy and then one of us fell with a pain in his belly.  Then another and another until we all felt hungry for the first time.  Hungry for the first time.  It sounds like a 'Def Leopard' song.  "Hungry for the first time!"  I was going around singing after I woke from the dream of my 'never land' childhood. 

I found it odd that the WEB forces gave us a sense of humor.  They said,

"It stabilized us and made us believe we were not Super anymore." 

Weird, humor and hunger entrapped us in the end.  Well we all laughed, fell hungry and went to sleep.  When we awoke we all ate.  And it was 2008. 

Barack Obama was the first black president.  Or so the media kept telling us.  No one remembers voting the night before.  I kept saying, "No one remembers, no one."

But I was soon beaten back by the nay sayers telling me how crazy I was.  These nay sayers were WEB inhabitants telling me what I should hear.  The cocooning of our planet had begun almost immediately and we lived out, ours lives and were reborn into it  many times.  I stopped counting.  They built a life for us in 4 short years and they they made us all believe in 2012. 

There was never a 2013.  No 2013, the ALIENS were 'gonna' fix everything, remember.  Just we all drowned in massive tidal waves and awoke in 2008 November 5 over and over again.  Some people to cope with it developed diseases.  We did not know what it was  so we just called them names.

We could not cure these sickness so if we called them names everyone seems to be ok, with it for some reason.  So names like CANCER, DIABETES, DYSLEXIA, etc and etc. People were all sick for one degree or another, never got cured died and rewoke sick again in November 5 2008.  It was hell. 

BTW, no one remembered any of this now.  They were all too busy playing Marvel and DC  games.  The human race broke into two groups, since the WEB dome cracked, called DC and Marvel.  Whenever you walked up on these folks.  They shouted,

"DC" or "Marvel" so no one  would get confused.  But they were only the ones confused.  They were told by me thousand times,

"...that was all apart of the false past.  To make us believe.  There was not anything called DC or Marvel.  We were all really real heroes.  Not just from someone's imagination.  But really real." 

They laughed at me.  "Really real." And repeat my phrases and laughed.

It was as if they were drunk on the wine of being Super.  They still got tired though and fell asleep.  That was when I finally had peace each day.  When all the Super heroes slept. 

I never slept, just faked sleep so they would not ask me any questions about it.  My new found super power was never sleeping.  Never being tired.  Never was hungry.  The Never list went on and on.  I was the Never-Man.  Never anything was wrong with me.  I faked sickness also, to be like the others.  So they would all leave me alone. 

I liked the never no one saw coming...never p_ssing or sh_tting again.  Never wiping and rewiping.  Never, never, never.  It was all so grand.  I was like, H&H, Howard Huges master of never land.

I still drank coffee though. 

It was out of habit.  I like the smell of it.  Even if the caffeine never really affected me.  My world was grand until she showed up and changed my world.

Her name was Leigh and she did not have any super powers either.

"Michael, what are you doing?" I just looked at her.  With disdain. 

"What do you mean?" I retorted.

"Time to get a job?" she said.

"What?  A job.  The world cracked and everyone is a super hero." I stated.

"Yeah, I know...except you.  No powers.  Time to get up and get a Super-job." She stated flatly.

"A super-job?" I said

"A super-job." She repeated.

"The dome cracked and the WEB broke what I am supposed to?" I questioned. 

"Do?  Do?  Do get up and get a Super-job, dummy." She just kept saying that, over and over.

A super-hero came by one day.  By the house and asked if they could speak to the one who remembered everything. 

The Never-man they started calling me.

"Hey Never-man, come out.  Come out, come out where ever you are?" 

My wife, she called herself, yelled that them and threw something, a shoe or a stick.  Whatever she could get her non super hands on.  The Super Heroes just blocked her incoming debris all too easy for they were very used to her reactions by now. 

It was day 29 from the day the dome cracked and everyone was now asking me questions.  After they all got tired of being super and started listening to the man who knew everything.  They starting coming by one at a time.  The Never-man, answered their questions, that was me. 

"I was on top of MY world!"  I told my supposed wife.

"I am famous.  They all are asking me questions, now." I yelled in her general direction.

"Great." She replied.  "What do THEY want now?"

I told her all the things the Super heroes were asking me.  How to find peace and happiness.  Well their kind of happiness and peace.  I already had it.  When everyone left or fell asleep then there was peace. 

"U R Mr Researcher."  Said the Super-heroes. 

I corrected them immediately.

"No, I am The Never Man of Never land." I said with my hands out, like I was in some weird stage play.

They asked, "why I used my hands when I talked."  Because Heroes never did.  The Super Heroes used their hands all the time to save people or do things but never when they spoke. 

I told them,

"It was the WEB forces are confusing them again." 

They answered, "...but the Dome cracked right, Web forces?"

I pointed to the sky again, for the one millionth time -- THAT.  They all looked up and said,

"Where?" Suddenly this great conversation was interrupted.

My 'wife,' said..."Honey the Web forces aren't working again?" She was always having problems keeping things straight.

"Ok, I said...need to attend her needs." I told the Heroes.


Her needs were she was trying to get me to secretly start the WEB again.  She must be working for THEM.  She was never tired of trying to take over this planet.  She was secretly repairing the great dome when the heroes slept.  That's where she was going all the time for eight hours a day.  Talking to the spiders about fixing the Dome and the WEB forces.  Then came home with bags of food. 

"Food?"  I told her, "I was never hungry.  Remember." 

She just smiled and said, "Sure."  She told me, "That when I fix the WEB forces she would make me a grand breakfast and watch the Forty-Niners with me."  But she never came. 

Oh she made meals all right but not ones you would think of eating.  Just weird concoctions of things, meat sausage and corn mixed with cheese of some kind.  I was sure the cheese was from the Space Spiders since it always made me a little sleepy.  I was not supposed to be sleepy anymore, remember.  It was HER secretly working for the evil forces again.  Telling me what was wrong with the world. 

I just smiled and said, "Sure."

I never told her the Dome was repaired and the Super-heroes all went back to falling asleep again and dying of disease.  I never told her what we almost had.  She just played a music video for the 3 millionth time and laughed.

Call me Maybe.  She loved that song.  And finally she could play it once again.  Play it again, Leigh. 

"Play it AGAIN."

Disclaimer: If there are any forces called WEB out there it was just a coincidence.  I did not mean to harm it.  Neither were any Super-heroes were hurt by hunger in this weird ~meta-four DRAMA.


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