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Headless Husbands

Well in the domination of the sexes there is a little known fact that the husband or (huz-band) is a title given in more derision than in honor.  For no man would give himself this distinct and nameless honor if he knew what it really meant. 

The womanly title of 'huzzy' is given to 'hora' women who cannot for someone damn reason, (currency), stop having relations with the opposite sex.  This title was passed down from the male figures of history called husbands, in the much the same way the very title of husband was passed to the men. 

In the old days of recent past the feudal system was not much more than a prettied up tribal custom.  And not some, New World Order grandiose establishment, the succession of matriarchal succession was in vogue from the cave-man days right through to the "organized" tribe days of the fertile crescent as well into the civilizations of stone and bronze age.  The mother had all the rights and the father was nothing more than a figure head.  This idea of womanly succession was not a pagan idea. (By the way the word idea is a female god named Ida.)

Anyway, the female property rights succession was in vogue with the rich men and women.  The Common stock people or 'commoners' knew nothing of marriage and tried in vain to copy their beloved royalty in the traditions and pageantry.  So with men and women who lived in the forest, not behind the castle walls.  Men took forest-wives for eleven months and then one month in May it was a orgy 'free-for- all.'  'The Royals,' never considered the commoners to be really married and once a year told them all or more like gently persuaded them to suspend of their forest-wife marriages and have sexual freedom.

The communist today use the May 1st Day as a celebration day of the dissolution of the old world.  If you can see the underpinnings of such a celebration then it makes perfect 'red square' sense.  For the rest of us still unsure of the truthful facts of things.  Still need a little hand holding along this concept.  I am guessing if you are still reading this, it might be you

This sexual freedom insured a better 'breeding stock' for the 'blue bloods' to pick from and chose the best of the loose to  bed-wed with.  The royal wives did not mind this practice since it freed them of wifely duties and direct child bearing.  They certainly did not want to increase the size of their skinny waists. 

The men (future husbands) who were looking for a better life were told that they needed to bed a royal or a woman with an inheritance of land, to have any chance in life.  So men started wooing landlord woman and not worthless strumpets.  These men looking for a 'hand up' started wooing the women of means. 

This means was 'handed' to them from other worthless husbands (not holding title to lands) called fathers.  These 'fathers' choose which son-in-law would wed their daughters.  This took the pressure off the false idea, from movies mostly:

"I must have a son to pass on my inheritance." Sort of thing.  This is a much debated line of thought because Hollywood and the TV like to reinforce things that are simply not true.  There was no fight to make a son and have a  new King.  Kings were 'looked down upon' by other kings because the idea of Kingly virtue was to die, by the hands of those who understood. 

For instance Jesus said, "...I better not go down there in that city lest they think, I am a King and kill me."
So if you stand under a hanging man then you were the one who under-stands.  If you get my meaning.

Since you had to die for your land or "country" if you were deemed the 'King-Hero.'  The King in tribes even today are the dinners of cannibals and the deities for humans since we never see the King rise from 'their graves' and go to heaven.  But of course that  is what they tell all the would be kings (future suckers) what happened to them.  The Kingly sacrifice was reinforced by an unseen power that no one talks about.  So the fairy tales of heroes began.  Heroes are always dead men who tell no tales.  Because the living are the ones 'spinning' the  lies of the fallen. 

Spiders and stories have a long history but that's for another chapter:  Web and the Space Spiders.

The royalty, knew or understood, they did not want to be a King all the time, especially when it was the 'nut cuttin' occasion. So would be "knights" of the realm would from time to time  try to "win" the hand of a princess.  But the princess, all long was always in charge and never a mindless or helpless victim.

The movies have been all adopting the Father, 'Pater-right,' concepts handed down to the 'commoners,' not the real  rights that influence today's world and it's politics. 

These 'wood-be' husbands, remember the forest wives, try to win the land rights of women  or they will lose their heads trying.  Thus the idea of a headless horse men was born.  The loser or the one not picked by the 'woman with means' would get all mad! 

Usually because she beds the one she likes and married the one that makes more sense.  This happened all the time and  jilted lovers would have to stand their and take a marriage ceremony that they knew was 'loveless.'  Unlike the movies the woman rarely choose the one she truly loved.  This was folly and not good financial sense.  So the winning husband now had land.  But he did not want to tend the land and keep it.  He would rather be off using his new found wealth getting the attention of the King or maybe even the Queen.  The Queen was the greatest prize of all.  So the loser man was called the 'huzzy-band' and was told, he could live there and eat but he was nothing more than a glorified gardener. 

And from time to time, he would continue sack the love of his dreams because he was around all the time and the real husband was off making  more money or noise for the family title.  So the husband name was born. Born of ignorance and suffering. (Sound familiar)  He is nothing more than a lawn cutter and gardener. 

So you still see this today, men cutting their wives lawns and going to Home Depot picking up assorted tools or toys.  All the time history is laughing at his apparent ignorance.  Men of all ages, usual married, go to your big house stores, Lowes and Home Depot.  (Yes they are sponsors of this blog.)  Going to and fro 'fixing' their yard and house.  But we all know deep down inside it's not really ours, is it??

 No, we as men, are just playing out the etymological meaning of ours names huz (hut or house) band (keeper or tender).  But what about, the headless horse man thing? It predates the Sleepy Hollow tale.  And comes from Germany. 

Where Germanic soldiers told tales of 'wild huntsman' and was misunderstood as 'headless horse man'.  These wild huntsman were jilted men who either got tired of being a lawn boy and sex servant of the woman of the house. (Remember the biblical Joseph tale.)  Or  lost contact from the children they fathered and were never entitled to have.  And most of the time did not want to tell their offspring the truth since that would "change their stars." Or fortune (future) of their children's Zodiacal lives. 

"The royalty knew who was and was not a real royal and picked and choose the strongest or good looking of these husband offspring." 

So from time to time, a man would lose his head and get a weapon and terrorize local town folk at night.  Since they could not become a 'knight' they would be a monster at night instead. 

You see this today with all the shootings.  Men who lost their lives or possessions and mostly their heads.  Buying into a better life concept, held from them (conspiracy of a sort) because they were not deemed worthy in the first place.

(BTW, I am 'happily married' if you were wondering, to a wonder woman of my dreams!) Hopelessly trying to encourage her into the May Day forest festivals. Yippee ki yeah right...


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