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Peace or Grease

Chapter Peace or Grease not both!

Everyday I found peace in my life.  The trouble is, no one else in my life does agree, that I found it. 

It's like Indiana Jones who doesn't wear the appropriate clothing, not wearing a fedora hat and whip, but tells everyone he found the Holy Grail.  "Yeah, yeah...says the crowd.  We all heard that one."
 Peace is not found but actually claimed.  Like a lost item at the Airport.  You must prove that item that was lost is yours.  This is very funny to me.  Like there are hundreds of people out there looking for lost items.  If there were there would be no lost and found in the first place.  Peace can be had.  Now try convincing anyone in your 'real' life that is the case.

  The rest  seem to looking for something called..."happiness" ~and not peace.  Now this is a mystery to me.  Happiness is a feeling.  And cannot be claimed.  It is a result of being born.  Do not believe me....ask any child.  Or better yet look that them all playing.  Even though most adult believe kids  don't go out and play anymore. Like it's some Buddha virtue.  Nope they play.  And they are happy.

  Now the adult will say,
 "Yeah-- their happy because they don't know anything." Or they will mutter,
 "They have parents who take care of their-- problems."

Another of two false doctrines.  Kids that play soccer in the slums of Brazil certainly don't have parents who take care of their problems.  Or kids in the slums of India don't seemed phased about not having an Xbox and the latest "Eye" gadgets.  BTW, what do you think the "EYE" stands for anyway, huh? 

Only when offered a new treat or idea and then take it away, do you get an reaction.  Once happy now becomes sad or angry.  So the people who said,
 "They don't know anything, that's why they are happy."

 Might be right.  They don't know anything.
 Interesting...knowledge makes people sad.  Knowledge makes people angry.

  Now when I go to Barnes and Nobles I have yet to see anyone go away unhappy.  They buy a book sit down to read it and maybe slurp a nice, latte or two.  Doesn't seem like unhappiness to me. So what are the other people doing that when they go to Barnes and Noble they get all 'twisted about the axle.'

Like the people who knock on my door in the early morning, trying to seek and knock so it will be open to them. Please stop coming to the door unless you have beer or pizza. That's what should have been said,
 "Go into all the world selling beer and pizza and then the end will come." Africa must be next on the fast food front.

The axle they speak of is, the 'Axis Mundi', the center of the earth.  The Ancients described this as the Atlas who held up the earth.  The Ancients were no dummies.  But read any history book from Barnes and Nobles and you will get volumes on how 'dumb' the Ancients were.  Anyone-- that dumb doesn't need volumes to prove their point.  But never- the- less, volumes are written from just 26 little letters.

  If you come from the 'old world' you called the Axis Mundi-- the Queen of Heaven.  Now historians will take umbrage with this point.  But no, if you come from the old world the earth is female and the sky is male.  Huh?  But you said Queen of heaven.  Yeah, I know.
  The Ancients are dumb remember.  There are volumes written about it. 

 The Queen of heaven--
(Holy whores is what Babylon is talking about really but let's keep it clean, for now.) --is the space created by the Axis Mundi.  It's like  taking out a sheet of paper to write and now you have a clean space to be begin.  But turn the paper on it's side and you see the Axis Mundi.  The center of the world.

Now most people who walk to and fro on the earth, have an line through the middle of their head.  And if you disturb their 'holy rotation' they get all unhappy.  So some never interact with the people around them.  These are guys are called extremists.  They only can talk to people who agree with them totally.  Not just a little bit, but total.
 But there are two.  Always two.  The Axis Mundi can be male or female. 

 So when you look through your hormones you see the world in that light.  So males like cars and females don't.  Well unless you are man of fifty years, have a lot of chest hair and  a gold medallion around your neck then girls like corvettes.  That's another chapter, Father and Dot-turns...coming soon to a Barnes and Nobles near you.

Anyways, The Axis is the problem.  The Axis is the problem. 

 Remember WW2, who knows the-- 'internet' --before "WWW' is world war three just the internet? Just a tidbit to ponder,  or better yet turn on History channel.  They will tell you.  The Axis powers.  Remember that term.  What Axis are they referring too?  The same one the Ancients were talking about Atlas and who is holding up the world?  Atlas -- no --At last-- we get to the point.  Extremists, turn their head and gaze left or right, looking thru a glass and darkly, for a certain kind of knowledge, the books of Eye-de-all-oh-gie.  Ideology is what they are "looking" for with their eyes.  Not with their minds.

So may "peace or grease" be among your axles, ladies and gentlemen, but please don't knock on my door.  It will not open.  Give a gift instead, or dress up as a ghoul or demon, then I will open.

 Happy Hollow-eve to you at-last.


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