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Chapter Coincidence

Do you believe in coincidence?  Not coincidences.  Just the singular-- coincidence.  Because if you answered-- Y-E-S-- then  I can assert to well within an acceptable prediction with an accuracy of 85 percent, that you are-- very religious. Not just a little but a lot.

Man, I mean a great deal religious.

  Or simply put--- you pray to an invisible God or only visible in your mind's eye.

Well, this is not a bad thing because where I sit-- most people worship things anyway. All people or all objects of worship that are not invisible to the eye are visible to all of us. So does an eternal God exist?  Because we create him in our words and our speech or does it or he really breathe.

Or better said,
"We observe him."

 This is what we constantly do when we observe a coincidence. And we give it a pronoun. A HE or S-He depending on what era of worship you were born-- 2000 years ago or today. In the age of Pisces or Aquarius, the water bearer-- that is coming. The water bearer in the stars is always a male figure.

Knowledge is, one person learning something or observing himself as he learned-- something.  Then there is another person observing and / or learning something, closely related to the first person if not exactly the same thing at the same damn time.

Then a third person, I call, "The tertiary one" that observes the two people that were observing or learning something at the same time of a closely related topic or idea to the tertiary view point.  At least, closely related enough-- that the third person can say,

"That's a grand coincidence!  And just like the word-- abracadabra-- like magic you have created--- a god. At the snap of an finger.

Conspiracy theorists call it....a modern religious system-- others call it just-- science.  And that's all it was and is, science. Science peating and repeating coincidences, which they call laws. Producing what we all call the laws of the universe.

 Through experimentation we can observe these coincidences. These observances produce money through coin-cid-ences. Meaning Money made from El Cid, the Lord and it's many experi-ences.
These experimentation's upon us, the unsuspecting are being foisted-- at every rise of the moon.

But does it really exist¿ Not really.  Because without an observer who don't have a law.  And thus the law of gravity does not really exist.  If you think-- I am full of it, well there are always exceptions to any law made by man. 

Including an invisible God.

I know all this seems a bit too simple and weirdly logically to be true.  But it is, it is all true and that's the rub.  God doesn't exist but when two observe the same thing he suddenly is created.  
 I  don't understand but it happens everyday. Like clockwork.

  So think of a dot and then think of a another dot to the left of that dot.  Then put an observer dot in between the dots but don't put the third dot exactly in between the left and right dot because in a 3D environment you have more room than that.

 So place the dot 'above' the other two dots and suddenly you created, a god.  If you don't still believe me draw straight lines between the dots.

 If you did it right you have a triangle in your mind or on your paper.  Still confused.  Well that's because you live in a 3D environment and not on a piece of paper.  If you project the lines out toward you in a 3d environment you have created a pyramid.  And this was and still is the only God to be worshiped and praised.

 The pyramid scheme.  

When people pat themselves on the back it's when they 'believe' they invented something.  And they believe they created it with no one's help at all.

 But obviously, if someone observed your invention you could be in 'business' unless you can 'sell' it to someone else besides-- the first observer. We are in a prison of cells and only sell what we can to other in-mates of this great--fine print--system.

  Then if you have at least two 'buyers' then you might have a good chance of a third.  And if you are lucky enough to get a third 'buyer' then you could be off  on an--- 'Enterprise.'

 Down the rabbit hole you go when you chase the dollar bill---not a note of monetary power but a bill to pay for a debt with another bill??? Huh? If you can under-stand this then you are not under it's power.

A capitalist is born.  Or a God worshiper.  Of course the inventor did not invent anything but discovered what already existed.  The inventor just did something that no one nearby did yet.  So inventing something is only measured on how it can be verified-- to be original.

An thus we come back to....another 'coincidence.'

  Or a godly observer seeing the same thing and recognizing what it all means.  The observers beyond our world that sees what is happening on all the planets not just ours.  They call these guys...Angels.  Or Angles.  Or a angle of perception from ' their ' godly point of view.

So the Torah is not what it seems.  And if you thought all of what I just wrote was rubbish.
 Then have you heard this:

"Where two or more are gather together then 'I' shall be there also." -New Testament paraphrased.


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