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Tebow and the Athletic Gods!

What is going on in America? We are not liking a liberal President who knocks off terrorists faster than his wife, Michelle Obama goes on vacation. The President who cares not for the 'no facts and only fake emotion' of Republicans. And he, the President, still lacks control of his very socialistic economy?

But putting aside these apparent political anachronisms of the 2012 America. We see a football player get more pub than 'bus riding candidate' Sarah Palin. But we are all enamored with a very so-so QB who has enliven a franchise that only...John Elway could make or break. And he broke it.

Now we are thinking and praying with a young QB who gets his shot at the number one spot. Why does this kid inspire other kids, who may or may not have cancer, to Twit and Facebook him? Why does America like a person with no real skills and lots of prayers thrown up as dead-duck pigskins? With his Tebowing and false bravada this gives people hope in a so-so economy??

Athletics are strange bedfellows for religious strength and conviction. What doesn't make sense to me if this guy was as talented as other highly touted atheltes there would be no...Tebow miracle-ness associated with him. If he could actually win and be a skilled person, the other strange vehicles of praying and hoping for a better Bronco team would go away.

This "not very noble" system is quite repleat within the religious school of thought. I don't understand why people gain strength through this no real 'score board' or any true worldly or religious success.

The Tebow phenomena, will go away as soon as the team starts losing constantly or a better QB is found. But the people's faith in this not very skilled QB will never wain and he will no doubt continue.

He will  speak and tour in religious circles, even if he never does anything astonishing to give credibility to this great faith.

P.S.--If you go back and look at those Nine games that he started--miracles were happening my football friends even I will have to admit that. Because I hate Peyton Manning more---maybe a great back up could be Tebow---for some team that needs a great back up---Dallas anyone???


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