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Curse of the "Out of Town" Prophet.

  What I find  most disturbing-- is the people who are the closest to you,  are never the 'good judge' of your own real worth. It seems 'Only strangers--' understand what you are really all about. The saying,

"...that a "prophet is his own land is never heard." Is an axiom that is true today, as it was long ago.

   No one who witnesses a friend, 'growing up' thinks-- that friend is worthy of being heard. Or is an expert of anything at all and especially nothing special.
 Special never comes from within the city limits but always comes from-- 'over the hill.' But never right there in front of us. The real truth is that the thing or person we care about the most.
Is the thing or person we take for granted-- the most.

   We wake to a world that is alive with color and sound but no one has the time, to see or hear this wonderful rocky enclave. We are just too busy. To damn deaf and mad blind to try to "smell the roses." Most consider "smelly the roses" as a past time that is full of waste and laziness. We do not try to have lunch under a tree but we are always on the run. We never try to take a coffee break, as much as we just drink a beverage while surfing the net. We never lose or win just postpone the inevitability. We post pone our last breath as long as we can get a percentage on the deal.

  We always consider what others are doing but never think about what each of us are actually doing.  The self conscious behavior of a handicapped person, for example, is what we all need to be but instead we don't try to think about, anything-- too much-- including ourselves.

That truth, the truth of ourselves is just the kind of truth that just might depress us. 

   "Can't have that, depression in the modern world is a non-starter."
 No one wants to here about it and most especially don't really want to cure it. So we 'distract' ourselves from depression. Until there is nothing left to distract us, then we start listening to the 'Expert' that came over the hill.

Or we listen to a lecture from the 'out of town prophet.' Or just some late night 'guru' who just seems to have the answer in some snake oil vitamin we never heard of. But did we never hear of it? It probably was said to us many times by our significant other or our are parents or by just talking to ourselves. God forbid we talk to ourselves, someone might see us, and judge us and say,

 "That guy is losing his mindless chicken nuggets!"

   Having fun is the greatest pastime. But not having fun is the losers lament of the casual judgement of strangers. We consider nothing as long as the true 'out of town' prophet is not wrong. As soon as the prophet fails then we seize the moment to point out that fact with brutal and direct judgement.

"You are not special, you were just like...the rest of us."

  So don't think anymore, just react just act like the rest. React to nothing or something but please just react and nothing more. The reaction is the play or the juice or the money to be made or lost. We care not for the ultimate cause of our mindless reactions. Just the judgement of anyone who tries to tell us what we  really are doing...nothing. Nothing at all. We make time or money just to spend it or waste it. And call it...having a Life.

   If we have a hobby, then we are not wasting time unless the hobby is deemed unacceptable to the strangers or the 'out of town experts.' This love of 'stranger respect,' the SR that drives our economy and our lives but in the end, the cessation of all movement is what we  all need and eventually will become. Still and not alive.

 The End,  Is not the beginning but actually just the end. Depressing isn't it?

   But not, if we have money or collected gobs of time by just being so smart. Then we are just undecided artists, UA-s, who are very cognoscente that we just spent money on the latest fad or just wasted time with the latest style.
We run with ear buds to hear but don't actually listen to anyone, at least ourselves.

   We hope to catch the "Eye of something, or someone," that will come into our lives and helps us or change us. But that person is sitting right there right in front of you. LOOK into the mirror in the morning.

You are the 'out of town prophet' and there is nothing you can do about it, to change that reality. You already knew what to do and what you must do but ignored your own advice. Many times in fact. And you, listened to that Tele-evangelist or the lastest Wall Street guru or most sadly some late night commercial. 
   Then we so very smartly went out and did the advice we knew was not for us.  Good job, he thinks. The stranger did help after all. It did help...didn't it??

 Maybe tomorrow will tell, maybe tomorrow I will finally listen to my inner voice the true and only, "Out of town, prophet."

-Atrocity out and smiling.


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