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APPLE love--angela or prada devil----?


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Steve Jobs Legacy: ART and the Angel.

Apple the King of the Quants!  Or maybe just the womanly King of Marketing.

  I loved to say Marketing is just War King-ing.  People from sales and marketing seem always to be the King.  The King of what?  Money and Promotions.  M & P. The only real scoreboard!  They run companies.  Usually into the ground.  But not this Apple Lady.  She is Warring with herself instead of the competition.  If there is any.  Android has got the numbers, of course but fallen Macintosh label seems to made of Teflon...sort of.

Since Steve Jobs' NeXT and the marriage of the NET with this product we all use for everything--except blogging.  Weird huh?  The Sm-Art Fone.  Is a wonder, a homophone that takes ART to a new level-- a NeXXT level.  One more thing...
Pardon me Galaxy lovers.  Ahh'mm.  But it still took my wife a solid year or so, to convince me to dump my beloved Razor flip phone.  Remember the Razor, I know you do! 

Steve Jobs invented careers from thin air and always in silicon.  Hi…

BitCoin --The New PHARAOH?

Is it too much to chew or a new Bandit come to rob us. May a new Band-aid for the Binge mind set of a Netflix--not so jet-set? What's different about BitCoin-- nothing.  Is it Skynet?  Or a blessed blue baby of hope?  Nope.  100 or 1 hun-dread people will read this but only a prophesied child yet to be born, will one day listen and come to understand what BitCoin is and it is not.
 In a new GALAXY far far---here??

It won't be a financial force to be reckoned with yet. Or a new tech tornado, it certainly won't be the new Steve Jobs in algorithmic clothing.  It's Egypt all over again and just in time.  Edger Cayce's, eager false predictions of the Sphinx are well-- here...not just yet.  As usual. 

A scientific conspiracy theory just in time for the J.J. Abrams set---who are LOST.  Lost in a sea of social network and New York Times faux news.  BitCoin-- it's here.

It's sounds like an Arcade.  And it is.  Yeah, silicon dudes.  Go find an old Space Invaders or ZAXX…

The Grand Thieve ---The Chief Corner Stone Pt 2

Lets start talking the Top of the Pyramid-- the Capstone of educational thievery and mind numbing goals---The Valedictorian CAP stone.
The learning must begin with the 101 student.  The Padawan, the mentee.

 The mentor cannot teach if the student has not really arrived.  I wish we all could just pay tuition and then it would 'automatically' make us learn and be more curious. This is the grave difference in paying a price for the great Pearl and a great treasure cannot be found-- without paying a grand price. Explorers know of what I speak.  They must get in --harms way-- to learn about harm.

   There is only so much you can learn by reading alone.
 But  you must first start there.  It's unfortunate that an athlete was handed a ball first, and a academic was handed a book.  Would a parent hand their ' smart kid ' a ball instead of an education?
 Or the opposite-- any dumb parent who give the 'so-so kid' a book and then get mad when their athleti…