Chapter 'Al-Fa-ris', Fares, and Phd

The sense of fair play and level playing field can be traced back to the Persians!  Huh?  Yeah, Double huh.  The Persians are credited with fair play???  Yes, this is absolutely true.    So what's going on here.  Well it seems that during the dark age of medieval things. 

 All things seem to spring forth in the Dark Times.  We are a product of those times.  Our culture and superstitions.  Like crossing your fingers.  It's a Christian thing to do when being persecuted by Romans.  They would denounce-- knowing Christ and then cross their fingers behind their backs.  So the good lord would not think of them as betrayers.  The crossing of fingers is not pagan but Christian.  Funny as hell.  The black cat and the ladder thing is also Christian monk superstitions.  Yes, these are the thing we call Halloween items.

The product of fair play comes from Mathematics.  The codified of Math Al-Fairs of Persian combined the Hindu numerals.  The "English" numbers.  Yes, this is not a liberal conspiracy to steal American culture.  There is no real American culture.  We are products of Pirates.  Americans celebrate criminals and we steal--- everything.  Then we feel bad and give our stolen ideas and wealth around the world.

We are creators of nothing, just Owners --of everything.--Gordon Gekko

And we like it like that.  Just try and tell us the truth--- we will bomb into obedience.

Back to Algebra.
 I like Bras and I like to see them on women and I like Algebra too.  The sense of fair play and level boobs, and the famous fictional juvenile prankster, Ferris Bueller gets their names from the Persian who codified our mathematics,

'Al-Eg-Bra.'  EG: for example Al-Fairs who is not an Arab but a Persian.  I know I can hear you say,
"What's the difference?  Persian or Arab who cares"
 They funny thing is when you use the phrase,
"What's the difference?"

Who are using Math to do it.  We get great deal of our words and phrases from Math.  Because of the Merchants who gave us most our common language to describe our world. 

Now you know why Christ when into a tirade in the temple with the money changers.  The writer undoubtedly from Medieval times who wrote--"translated" the famous gospels into the brilliant book the KJV no doubt knows what the problem is--  Our language.
 By the way if you doubt this Jesus himself says---"Beware of the Scribes and...."

"Charge a fare"

Huh, how can you charge a fare?  We know what it means by "paying' someone with their hand out like making a cup with their hands.  This is a love sign.  And we pay it.  We are like monkeys if we see something popular we pay for it!  We love it!

"I'm luving it! -McDonalds burgers corp, XxiMCLK

Merchants know this (Algebra) and boarded ships and spread this language of buying all over the world.  Algebra.  The difference.  And our number system.  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 not Ten there is no such thing really.  It's just recalibrating the first Nine digits to make more numerals.  Counting is just saying the answers in a row forever (until you die), without the question associated to it.  (Chapter Infinity no such thing!)

So Al-Fairs and Knight are related.  The knights of the realm and Algebra-- related.  The 'elites' of middle times unearth the ancient writings of the Persian Al-Fairs and starting using the math.  The Merchants took awhile to catch on but eventually they did and millionaires were born.

  The Ferris wheel where everyone can come aboard as long as you pay.  Is a physical example of Algebra, the difference and what we try to do everyday, ascend.  Ascend to new heights.  Or is that Sin(e) to new Heights?

"Well what's the difference, correct?"

Of course you sin the new heights because Sin was a mountain and the god AI lived there and it comes from the desert peoples religions.  They believed the Moon was a mountain that floated.  It rose up from the distant mountains and floated above.  Everyone in the ancient times loved the Moon and we still do.  We call it Luna.  A beautiful woman.

All is fair in love and war, right?  Wrong.  We are products of math and it's merchant language and the Radical Rabbi "Jesse" knew it.  Or at least was written like he knew it.  Very good book that KJV always something to glean from it.  Even if you really don't know your metaphors.

Fairs or Al-Faris, has its roots in Arabic; meaning a Knight, Gallant, Chivalrous or a Cavalier, and refers collectively to "A heroic Knight who fought on horseback". The "Faris" surname is common in many cultures as a family name and has been identified in almost all continents.
 Since it is profoundly of an Arabic origin and written in only one contextual form. The transliterated versions differ from one use to another, Faris, Farris, Ferris, even Fares, with or without the adjective "Al". The Spanish, Portuguese and Italian use of Faris and Al-Faris surnames can be spelled in a completely different way, which are Alvarez and Alvares(s).

PHd scholars be where----Phi-lo-Sphy, Lovers of Sophia??? Huh? Yeah what is Sophia? Well they say wisdom but they are wrong, of course. PHd beware it's not the top of academia.

 Why? Coming Next installment of Mr ArtAtrocity...


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