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 Every Easter I get a good portion of my favorite Easter candy--"The Peep" it always tastes good and never lets me down.  But for the most part of my life I have no--Peeps.  Friends or people who matter.  The failure of friends comes from many reasons but one is not investiture of time in them.  Stands the most present.

So for the better part of my life clock-- I have listened to and heard things that are not believable.  The past can be changed and the present can not be changed without a plan for the future.  These 3 dominate parts of anyone's life is represented in the day of Sunday like no other.

The 3 parts of a man is some equation to science (ONE = -09876543 minus the BS) The real true equation is really just 3 parts--adding up to the morning of his life and then zenith and then the falling action of his later days. 

The great 9,12,3 in the sky.  When a man hits the (Twelve) or 12 and it is unexpected.  Then all say to him---mid life crises.  When a man in the morning of his life becomes very successful before the zenith.  We say, "How lucky he is---" when a man is successful at 3pm on a Friday.  We say, "Hallelujah--" Praise God he has found is true calling.  This holy trinity of life and religion exists.  The trinity whether you believe it or not-- is affecting you.  There is no way around it.  The aging process of time dilation as we become wise is what it is meant.  The gospels of the new testament to me-- speak of a time where time will stop.  And Christ calls this the millennium.  Or at least his followers do. 

What is interesting, is whether we believe or not doesn't matter.  Only to the ones who "sit in" judgment.  I never sit in judgment-- just sit and stare mostly waiting for my ship to come it---or  find a new way to say my life isn't passing me by. 

Every Easter the time of the twelve affect me to reflect on ones life.  The real beginning of the year is today.  In the spring and not in the dead of winter.  January doesn't mean ONE and September doesn't mean NINE.  March is the first month and then you'll be on the right track. 

"Oh thank heaven for 7-11!" says convenience. (Shss---what mortals call--Sept 11 The Christ Idea was born on 9-11-BCE3--shhh)

But it won't matter if you feel the sunset of your days are  only coming.  If you don't know it's after 3pm in your life---then and you don't consider yourself a failure yet and you believe success well-- still coming.  But if you properly recognize it that it is indeed THREE or 3 that your life has has passed you by then---there is always the P and X. What Christ is spelled like in Greek. Starts with a X and the second letter is a P.  ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ

The CHI RHO equals the Christ.  The captain of all captains taking you into that glorious sunset.  The Christ sits between a thief and a liar.  The past and the future.  Christ is always the present--silently suffering waiting for success to come.The man on Christ's left as Christ was hanging on the cross of his life (Time) is a thief or regret. The man hanging on his right is a liar of the future. Which one does Christ say will be with him in paradise. (The garden of Eden is paradise.)

Old timers who read this know of what I speak.  Only the morning youthful people will not recognize or heed.  For they only see noon coming and they are happy and full of  DNA energy. 

The NOON people---those you succeeded in their life plan and safely mounted an true offense reach to top and realized that they have-- no friends.  There are no friends when you reach the summit , by the way. 

They are all alone and look down the success mountain and see back and forwards plenty of people talking, marring and giving in marriage.  When you are at the pinnacle of life it's noon, high and full disk of the sun-- is at your top and usually men where hats  to tell everyone they have indeed--arrived.

So don't look down on all of us losers, you "winners" at the top of the twelve.  For you will soon be with the rest of us---waiting for the top of the clock to "strike 3" and you will hear---well done, my good and faithful servant, I am well pleased! 

"Or you're out!!!"--Umpire of life


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