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Neo and the ONE!

The One and the Neo are the same. 

"All," (611), "must come to Christ to be...what?  You know the rest.

"I have not come to bring peace but"....(611),you know the rest.

"I wish I could destroy, 6ll, things but I am being held down for now, until my fire is kindled."

These are ALL phrases, that are paraphrased from the New KJV of the gospels.  They are all spoken by...THE ONE.  NEO.  The NEW ONE.

The 'NEW ONE' is spoken about by Nostradamus, he calls them, "Estrangias"...or Strange Ones?

"Religion is science without the technology.  Science is religion without the essence of man." -Unknown Ones

The prophets and the profits are a challenge of what constantly supports...1.6180339, a 'golden' constant.  What?  Huh?  A golden constant.  What, not possible. 

Wall-street and Main-street converge at the intersection of the golden constant.  Money and Mammon converge.  Wall street says, "Going broke is not as easy as you might think?  But getting rich is easy."  Yes it is, ladies and gents, yes it is.

Most people, most people I know, don't want power just money.  But to want money, is to want power. They just want to buy things.  Ipods, Iphone, anything I-like.  Televisions or stereos or both...they are called, Home Theaters.  On and on they go buying things...with 'their' money.  But I meet the 'winners', once and for all.  All they want to do is stand on stages and make speeches and entertain their audiences.  That's why 'the losers' don't have any money, just 'the winners.'

Money, by the way, is power.  We call it by a name that is just plain wrong.  The power of money is to not want money.  The power money is to buy your way to success and get into debt.  You cannot buy your way, to success or money.  And vice-versa.  Most people are hiding their 'true' desires because they are mostly taboo.  Yeah, taboo.  They want to do all kinds of things that are not...mainstream.  They want the secret of money to fulfill their ancient heart of 'bad' wants.  So they go broke trying to fill them.  Or fulfill them.

The NEO  or NEW ONE does not want you to be rich.  Or poor.  Just balanced.  Most people don't want to be...middle of the road.  Or middle classed.  Or middle anything. 

"I want to be number one!" All fans utter and yell. 

All fans.  611 fans.  All fans raise their index finger to the ceiling and say those words.  But they are just pointing to the only true fan that gives you any real help...the ceiling fan.

They want their desires to be fulfilled.  So they want money to fulfill them.  Money cannot do that.  It only craves power.  Money is attracted to power.  Haven't you noticed?

Watch the news armed with this information now.  You follow the money and you will reach power.

"Money does not grow on trees." 


"But Mammon can fall from the sky," says Old Testament believers. 

Science says, "Otherwise.  Or Owl-wise"...

By the way, the golden constant says,

"...both religion and science are correct." 

Weird huh?  Weird indeed.


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