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 When I find myself walking into a movie theater with my wife and kids I always think about for a fleeting moment what kind of snack should I get--then I remember it's the movies they always has the same things. Candy or popcorn.
The movie taverns well---beer and food. Not counting those right now.

 I always drift to a snack that no one thinks about-- the Chuckle. It's a set of chewy candies all having a different color in a sleeve of protection just made for the movies. Have one in the previews then wait---have another at the beginning of the film --then wait. Have another after the first act and so one. At the end of the film-- the credits-- there should be one left. It's usually black and tastes funny so I just throw it away. And say,

"How was the movie dear or kids? Was it a dark chuckle or simply fab?"

 That black chuckle sits in the garbage and becomes trash. And that is that. Well no that chuckle is what I get when I try hiring someone or when I try convincing some other manager I am not that, black-- chuckle, chuckle. Funny ahh?
 (No racism here---it's dark because it's sarsaparilla you call it root beer.)

 Second Worship -- underneath, is the puzzle of finding what you value the most. Not what you believe you are valuing but what you are actually valuing. I am told daily why do you care? This question itself, is why I care.
Because you don't. You believe you are successful or fail based on a set of dogma or laws that you did not value or forgot to value or worse yet---you think you turned your back on morality to get ahead??? This is the idea of second worship what we really value we won't say out loud-- only to ourselves in the dead of night-- as we pass to dream land.

Not all in???---This is strange--- when you are not at your best.  It's usually when you are not focused or not clear on something.  But worship and second worship well that's what we all face-- daily.  We are not worshiping what we say we are---this is not just a religious idea but also the subject of the book--Moneyball. 

The second worship whore in baseball--- home runs! But what the players all are really doing--is just trying to fool General Managers and Managers long enough to get a shot at the Big leagues. ~Learning their craft along the way, if they are-- lucky-- to make it to the 'on deck' circle.  In the Bigs!

Most hiring managers don't know what a good employee really looks like---they have their opinions of course.  The guy is a Harvard grad or he has a PHD in astrophysics-physics type thing.  But for most jobs there is a guy you are looking for and then there is the guy who applies for that-- job. 

Those guys that did actually applied are two different sorts.  The hiring manager, after a time, will not find the best guy but start looking at who really-- applied.  This happens in sports as well.  They are all looking for an 'A' number one prospect or recruit then there is the guy who showed up instead.  The guy willing to be-- the prospect.  This is what all hiring managers are really looking at-- the guys who show up everyday despite their lack of size or education. 

This is the fate for all---some believe. (Chuckle, chuckle.)

"We are told the we can no longer play the children's game but we are all told."  A quote for the book Moneyball.

This is not true at all.  We are not-- all-- told. Just some are told, the rest---'F' them. Some are laid off and others stop trying for the most part.  If someone of credibility tells you--that you are not 'qualified' for their organization.  Sometimes that motivates you even more to join-- that particular group---the group that said,

"No. Hell no!"

Most times upon hearing or receiving 'that information' the Hell No-s, you start to look elsewhere---because you did not-- really want to join that particular group, you were just trying it on-- for size.

We look for employees similarly as if we are looking for a good pair of Nike shoes.  We try it on for feel then see what it looks like in the mirror.  Most times, what it looks like to other people is what we are all into-- ask my kids.  Fads and trends is what the young seem to be about.  They either have more energy or don't know better and they will buy a pair of anything because it looks good to others--not just comfortable to them.

  It's like finding a wayward prince and having him come home.  Come back to the church, family or back from wherever he was last.  The good employee is similar to this children's fable.  He found his perfect place-- it was staring at him-- all along--type of thing.  This is what managers and General Managers are doing looking and questing for their version of the prodigal son.  So they can put all their hopes an dreams on his bat or arm or worse-- ~in him-- and not themselves for finding said prince.

The one that got away, taking a fish metaphor, is what probably the one you wanted in the first place.  But the one that  keeps coming up and doing the interviews is what is truly available and you have to invest.  No one is looking to invest anymore-- just buy. Purchase talent--is what they are told. Buy, buy, buy but there is no one on the shelves to purchase just bargain basement guys looking for a job. We don't want to 'make the future employee' sound-- just be sound from the beginning.  A sure bet.
 Not a sarsaparilla-- chuckle.

This is what all  employers think like -- who cares what they think like-- they need to hire to be successful and that's the bottom line! 

Success is not necessarily the best worker but the one who shows the f--k up.  Time after time and again.  He may be sick or need a family matter fixed but the one who came back is the one you are looking for---always.  The top blue recruit will not stay long and he will look for a better opportunity.  Every time!  So invest in the best--and you will only be investing in their careers not your business! 

Yes, don't believe me?  Look around.  The best of the best---cream of the crop-- not around you just your closest ten friends. Maybe not ten just one or two for sure. The guys you can't stand anymore---that's why laid offs occurs--boredom mostly.  Not just economics but boredom.  If the business was growing you would not care who you are really hiring.  Just trying to increase your batter's hitting percentage at the end of the year!  Profit!  Being in the Black-- is what you should be focused on---not your personal petty problems.

Predicting your profits with human resource prophets of who is a 'good employee' over a bad employee.  I'll take bad employees that show up-- any day over great ones that are not around---when times are tough.

 The essence of 2nd Worship-- what was second is really first. The second--is the lie you tell yourself, as you fall asleep. Please let me be "blankey, blank, blank" ---whatever you feel should go in the blank, is probably your true wish and the one you can't tell your closest friends about or they will-- laugh.

At least--(Chuckle, chuckle.)


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