The One percent and the Needle's Eye!

   When you begin to understand how much money can buy and what it actually buys then you begin to understand what the real reason for the bits of trees compressed and engraved with dead presidents and one inventor's face on it. The real reason for the hate of the one percent. The real dislike for billionaires. The real reason why people don't want to become like the one percent...freedom.

   They don't wish to be free in the first place and then don't do anything to be free. They sit their wondering why they are broke, not thinking why they are not rich yet? They should be wondering why they are not doing anything but sitting there in the town's square, chanting about why they are chanting? There are good and true reasons why the One percent lord's it over us. They can.

   If the roles were reversed, I guess you would give 51 percent away and not shed a tear?? Probably not. Ask someone who is hungry to share that last bowl of rice or soup or that last half of sandwich. They probably won't . It feels better to be remorseful after taking what you want than actually giving some up to not feel remorseful...just plain hungry. The real problem with problems if there is no solution to a problem then it was never a problem in the first place?? Correct?

   In math if 2+2=3 then this is not a correct problem, right? We all know this is not a real problem because the solution is the U got the wrong answer in the first place. So if you know the correct answer then you don't have a problem at all. Just a lack of knowledge problem.

 But that indicates you know someone or a place or a book that can tell U what is correct, right? So obviously, if someone has more than you they must have the answer? The answer that they (the one percent) just added 1+1=2 and keep adding not spending their money unless it made money. And on and on they went until they had more than the rest (the ninety-nine percent). That's the 'free-dom' we wish not to be apart. The not spending part. We just want to spend it all and then make it all and have it never to end.

    The millennium, utopia or heaven. These concepts hold you to a false dream or an idol. That a patron saint or holy father will give you all gifts you need?? What gifts that we need? I never get a gift that I need? Just things that I don't need. Gifts are never earned are they? The gift we all want is to B the One-percent not fight against the One-percent? We want what we did not earn. This is not called stealing but coveting. When you actually take what is not yours then it is stealing. A rich man cannot pass into heaven as much as a camel cannot pass through the eye of the needle?? A parable? Or the truth?

    Sounds simple, then why we are not believing it? That 'they' got 'their' money 'fair and square'? Because we did not get an invitation to that wealth building seminar. The seminar in the the the the the richest part of town called...Education U. A degree 4 U. Not a temperature but a system of learning to lord it over the rest. The ring that rules them all is...Ignorance Me. But all the libraries are free to get into? Why all the ignorance? Lack of desire. It is cool not to care and it is definitely cool not to read and research and then find the nugget of truth. Isn't it?

   James Dean or Brad Pitt is cool smoking a 'cig' and not doing anything but standing. It is not cool to wear glasses and read a book and understand why you are at the bottom of the system?? What? What system? That question gives the answer...what system?

Atrocity FYI: "The needle can be passed through if U get OFF your CAMEL in the first place."


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